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WIN Offers Thanks To Generous Neighbors



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The season’s here

With mirth and cheer,

Giving cause to celebrate,

Share thankfulness

And gratefulness—

There’s a lot to allocate.

What better spot

Where warmth is wrought

Than the family’s fireside,

Surrounded by

The old and spry,

Their importance amplified.

Among décor

From roof to floor,

There are sights bespangled bright—

A candle line,

And stars that shine,

Bringing comfort, hope, and light.

Observe the squall

As snowflakes fall,

Reminiscing all the while

Of memories past,

Love, unsurpassed—

No regrets to reconcile.

When plights impede

On those in need,

You come through so joy’s resumed,

With hearts so large,

You’ve led the charge

All your help made kindness bloom.

Lauren Clifford

for Women Involved in Newtown


A letter from Lauren Clifford.
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