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The Senate Trial Can Wait



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To the Editor:

President Trump will never be removed from office by impeachment — nor will any president in the future. We have a flawed system of impeaching and removing a president from office for committing high crimes or misdemeanors.

It’s obvious misdemeanors don’t count — Donald Trump has committed enough misdemeanors on his own to have impeached every president from George Washington to Barack Obama.

The only possible way Trump will ever have to leave office before 2021 is if he is found guilty of committing high crimes or shooting Nancy Pelosi on 5th Avenue.

The House investigation has not been completed to see if he has committed high crimes because Trump has obstructed his tax returns from being released and also his Deutsche Bank transactions — which may expose money laundering.

There evidently has to be some incriminating evidence in his tax returns that could have jeopardize him from being nominated and elected president for him not to release them and his tremendous effort in not letting them be released now.

The pressure is now on the Supreme Court to have them released, and prove “no man is above the law.”

If they don’t, it will show Americans have a bigger problem than only with the Presidential Branch of our government.

However, if the Supreme Court does the right thing and has them released, and they do expose Trump has committed high crimes, the Republicans will still not impeach him — they will let him resign the Nixon way and pardon his crimes — while many of his pawns and puppets will be going off to jail.

The Senate Impeachment trial can wait!

Paul F. Adinolfi

189 Julia Court, Sandy Hook December 23, 2019

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  1. fran.wong.fw@gmail.com says:

    Great letter.

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