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Police Reports | December 14-20, 2020



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Early Morning Evading

The Newtown Police Department is investigating an evading motor vehicle accident that is believed to have occurred during the earlier morning hours of Monday, December 14.

The incident happened on Botsford Hill Road in the area of Swamp Road, and left damage to private property. The evading vehicle is a Honda, unknown model and color.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police department at 203-426-5841.

Failure To Grant Right Of Way

Newtown Police report that a 2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck being operated by Michael J. Santoianni, 47, of Monroe, was turning right out of the driveway of 123 South Main Street, into the northbound lane of South Main Street around 5:35 pm, Monday, December 14.

At the time, a 2007 Ford F-150 pickup was traveling north on South Main Street. That truck was being operated by Damien Sanchez, 41, of Stamford.

The front driver’s side of the F-250 struck the front passenger side of the F-150.

No injuries were reported. Both drivers were wearing seat belts at the time of the collision, air bags on both vehicles did not deploy. Neither vehicle needed to be towed.

Santoianni was issued a verbal warning for violation of failure to grant right of way at a private drive.

Following Too Closely

A 2013 Ford Expedition being operated by Erica L. Venezia, 39, of Sandy Hook, was stopped on westbound Church Hill Road behind a 2019 BMW X3 X-drive30i being operated by Nancy Duhamel, 72, of Sandy Hook, around 8:56 am, Wednesday, December 16.

The BMW was stopped at the intersection with Commerce Road, when the front of the Ford made contact with the rear of the BMW. There was minor damage to both vehicles, according to the police report.

No injuries were reported to either of the drivers, nor any of the passengers in the Ford. All were wearing seat belts, and no air bags deployed in either vehicle.

Venezia was issued written warning for following too closely, causing a motor vehicle accident.

Failure To Follow Reasonable Distance

A 2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty truck operated by Stephen A. Nichols, 50, of Sandy Hook, was traveling north on Toddy Hill Road around 6:16 pm, Friday, December 18.

Nichols told police he went over the crest of the hill near Marlin Road and was unable to stop before his truck collided with the rear of a 2006 Honda Accord SE that had stopped in the northbound lane of Toddy Hill Road. The Honda, being operated by Brendan M. O’Neill, 17, of Sandy Hook, was stopped behind another vehicle that was not involved in the collision.

No injuries were reported. Both drivers were wearing seat belts, and neither vehicle’s air bags deployed.

Nichols was issued a verbal warning for failure to follow a reasonable distance apart.

Unsafe Passing On Berkshire

Newtown police report that Francisco Mantero, 22, of Shelton, was operating a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer, traveling west on Berkshire Road in the area of Sherman Street, around 9:20 am, Saturday, December 19.

Lidia M. Ayala, 44, was also traveling west, operating a 2015 BMW 328, in front of the Mitsubishi.

Ayala pulled the BMW to the westbound shoulder of Berkshire. When Mantero attempted to pass Ayala’s vehicle, the passenger side mirror of the Mitsubishi made contact with the driver side mirror of the BMW, causing minor damage to the Mitsubishi.

No injuries reported.

Mantero was issued an infraction for unsafe passing.

Main Street Crash

Newtown police report that Judith Hyland, 60, of Newtown, was operating a 2018 Audi Q5 northbound on Main Street, approaching the intersection with Schoolhouse Hill Road, around 3:37 pm, Saturday, December 19.

A 2013 Hyundai Tucson, operated by Lucie E. Petrini, 45, of Newtown, was also traveling northbound on Main Street at that time, behind the Audi.

Hyland slowed and then stopped on Main Street for routine traffic. Petrini was unable to stop the Hyundai in time and collided with the rear of the Audi.

Hyland had a possible injury, according to the police report, but did not require transport to the hospital. Both drivers and a passenger in the Hyundai were wearing seat belts. The air bags for both drivers deployed due to the crash.

Petrini was given a verbal warning for following too close.

Too Fast For Conditions

Alaido Araujo-Dahora was operating a 2001 Ford Ranger southbound on Swamp Road, near that road’s intersection with Botsford Hill Road, around 9:33 pm Sunday, December 20, in snowy conditions.

While negotiating a right curve, the Ford slid on the slushy roadway. The Ford went off the western side of the roadway, and then the passenger side front end of the vehicle struck a garbage can on the southbound shoulder of Swamp Road.

The vehicle continued further off the roadway, where it struck a large snowbank, then overturned on the snowbank and landed on its passenger side. It then rotated approximately 180 degrees before coming to rest off the southbound side of Swamp Road, facing north.

No injuries were reported. Araujo-Dahora was wearing a seat belt. The vehicle’s air bags did not deploy.

Araujo-Dahora was issued an infraction for traveling too fast for roadway conditions.

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