A Letter Of Appreciation

Published: December 28, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

Thanks, Shannon [Hicks, associate editor at The Newtown Bee] for all that you do for Women Involved In Newtown (WIN), and especially our programs aimed at fostering awareness for needed help to Newtown's FAITH Food Pantry. Over the years, you and The Bee have provided such wonderful support to promote our efforts for community involvement, and it is appreciated.

I also must mention that The Newtown Bee is the best community newspaper I've ever come across, as it is so connected to everything that happens in Newtown... which I can easily say, having been a resident of Sandy Hook for 21 years, on and off since 1991. Not sure whether you and/or the staff have received enough accolades there lately in providing excellent journalism and thorough coverage of our town, but you sure do deserve them.

Thanks so much and best to you and The Bee staff in 2018.

Corey Kondas
15 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook         December 29, 2017

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