A Committed Candidate

Published: October 19, 2018 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

We have asked Representative Mitch Bolinsky for help twice.

Our first interaction with Mitch was three years ago when we called him regarding an ill-considered bill that was coming before the state legislature that adversely affected our business and every antique dealer, collector, and thousands of individuals across the state. The bill was being pushed by a powerful Washington, DC, lobby with millions of dollars behind it.

Mitch listened to our concerns, asked lots of questions, and then proceeded to delve into the issue completely and without bias. We were impressed by his integrity and his sense of right and wrong. He fought for us and gradually brought a majority of the legislature to our side and prevented another layer of bureaucracy from being created in Hartford.

This February, we called Mitch on behalf of an elderly and infirm client who was about to lose his home to foreclosure and had nobody to look out for him. It was an urgent situation well outside our expertise. Even though the man was not his constituent (from New Milford), Mitch immediately responded, connecting the man to the state’s resources for senior citizens, including legal help.

Mitch has proven his commitment to the people of Connecticut. He has earned our vote. He deserves your consideration as well.

Rosie and Jack DeStories

Fairfield Auction

707 Main Street, Monroe         October 18, 2018


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