Heavy Rain, Flash Flood Warning Start The Work Week

Published: April 20, 2018 at 12:00 am



SH_Monday rain -- Zoar Road rock wall opening

Water rushes through an opening in a stone wall along Zoar Road early Monday afternoon. Spring break in Newtown opened with a weekend that was sunny and warm for the first part before returning to cold and rainy for the second part. By Monday, April 16, less than two inches had fallen in town, but the National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Warning that covered Fairfield County for four hours. No major damage or incidents were reported in town, but it was a dreary way to start the week.

-Bee Photos, Hicks


SH_Monday rain -- Zoar Road flooded stream 02

Located just west of the wall in the photo at the top of this post, the stream near Zoar Road was also overflowing by early Monday afternoon. Water was actually coursing through multiple points in the rock wall by the time the rain stopped for the day.

SH_Monday rain -- Ram Pasture white birch ponding

A white birch in the northern section of Ram Pasture had water creeping toward in late Monday morning. A gentle stream usually trickles between the birch and the tree (partially hidden) behind it. 


SH_Monday rain -- south Ram Pasture near bench & sign

Anyone looking to sit on the stone bench near the southern part of Hawley Pond was going to need a pair of waders on Monday. 


SH_Monday rain -- Ram Pasture dam north of bridge

 The dam at the south end of Hawley Pond held firm through another rain storm. This was the water flow around noon Monday, shortly before rainfall ended for the day.


SH_Monday rain -- stream south of Hawley Bridge

The stream that runs below Hawley Bridge - the same stream that is normally has a gentle run through Ram Pasture - was coursing by late morning Monday. 


SH_Monday rain -- geese in flooded stream south of Hawley Bridge

 A Canada pair of geese enjoyed a small flooded area south of Hawley Road following Monday's rainstorm.

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