The Perfect Combination

Published: November 01, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

I write in support of Maureen Crick Owen for selectman. Maureen's experience working and volunteering in town make for the perfect combination of a candidate who can honor Newtown's past while advancing Newtown's economic development.

We need leadership that understands that economic development is required to make the town an affordable and attractive place to live for all families now. Young families are the future of this town. They have the purchasing power to support our local businesses and buy our homes. Property taxes are a factor in the home purchase decision.

Busy residents need goods and services convenient to their homes. And they need modern communication methods - so they know what is happening in town and can be informed voters.
We need leaders who will communicate with the voters in many different ways and on different social media platforms. The town needs to bring the message to the voters - where the voters are.

I am confident Maureen Crick Owen will work to help voters be informed on the economic challenges and development opportunities to make Newtown a quality affordable town. I am confident Maureen will hear the voter's concerns, build consensus, and move this town forward.

Helen Brickfield
1 Canterbury Lane, Sandy Hook         October 31, 2017

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