Theater Review: 'Amazing' Show For All Ages Being Presented By All Ages

Published: July 27, 2016 at 12:00 am


DANBURY - Musicals at Richter is presenting the rollicking musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as its third 2016 summer production. Under the rompin' stompin direction and choreography of Jane Matson, this musical emanates a fun, positive energy.

Narrator, played by Katie Cummings, leads a fabulous and talented cast through the story of Joseph and the rough treatment he received at the hands of his 11 brothers. Despite their cruelty toward him, Joseph (Connor Spain) finds it in his heart to forgive and feel affectionate toward his misguided brothers.

Devastated when they believe they have lost their adored son, who wore the divine coat of many colors, Jacob and his wife mourn their loss. However, the ever resourceful Joseph continually lands on his feet.

Eventually, he is sought out by the Pharaoh (Bobby Bria), for help in figuring out an irking vision. This hip swinging Pharaoh is so grateful for the help, he promotes Joseph to right hand man status.

Joseph's star continues to rise on the happiest of upward trajectories. All ends well, with a few important life lessons and some fabulous singing and dancing along the way.

This cast is rife with musical talent. Katie Cummings is a stunning songstress who simply glows as she effortlessly lift her gorgeous voice in song. It is something to behold.

Connor Spain is sweet and genuine as Joseph.

Several of his "brothers" gave standout performances. Singled out for solos, Noah Matson as Levi does justice to hoedown number "One More Angel in Heaven"; Simeon (Brian Bremer) is positively hysterical in his melodious rendition of the ballad "Those Canaan Days"; and Asher, played by Marco Fiumara, is terrific in his Caribbean styled "Benjamin Calypso."

Rounding out this enthusiastic cast is Bobby Bria as the Pharaoh with a dream and big hair! He is an absolute riot.

The all inclusive grand finale allowed for showcasing some pretty awesome young talent that had the crowd clapping along.

This is theater for the whole family. Pack the juice boxes and pretzels, introduce your children to live theater. They will love it.

These are the players and audiences of the future. It is a great night out!

Performances continue weekends until August 6, outdoors under the stars on the ground of Richter Arts Center, 100 Aunt Hack Road, in Danbury.

Special discounted performances are scheduled for Thursdays, July 28 and August 4.

For tickets or additional information visit musicalsatrichter.org or call 203-748-6873.



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