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A Disturbing Letter



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To the Editor:

Mr Robert Morrison’s letter putting President Donald Trump in the same “pot” as Hitler and Putin is disturbing.

All voters that voted for him (twice) should be as appalled as I am.

This rhetoric is what is tearing the United States of America apart and I for one want it stopped — Trump’s the only individual that can do it; and with God’s blessing and our votes he will.


John Karlson

Sandy Hook

A letter from John Karlson.
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  1. qstorm says:

    This rhetoric (being kind) is uttered hourly on MSNBC, NBC, and often on NPR.

  2. kloerzel says:

    I agree that Trump is the only person that can tear the country apart….he’s been doing it for years. And as for God’s blessings, well…..

    1. qstorm says:

      Reading is FUNdaMENTAL!

  3. wingeey says:

    You’re right. The letter should have focused on how those who support/vote for tRump are similar to the sheep who support(ed) Hitler and Putin and other Authoritarian/Dictators. Calling out Self-Serving, Authoritarian, Scam Artist Cult Leaders is necessary to the protection of our democracy and is definitely not the root cause of what’s tearing our country apart. No….it’s the ongoing creation and perpetuation of self-serving lies and hate being spewed by a criminal attempting to save his own skin (news flash – he doesn’t care one bit about you, or me)… who displays thinly veiled racism by labeling other human beings as animals and murderers just because they are immigrants seeking a better life (the same way that all of your ancestors did), the labeling of cop beating insurrectionists as heroes, and other repulsive, unamerican behavior that is dividing our country. Stop drinking the Kook-aid and start thinking critically for yourself.

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