• Lisa Unleashed: Hollywood Pony Dreams

    Two blockbuster movies hit the silver screen in 1939, The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind. We all remember Dorothy’s iconic little dog in Oz a Carin terrier named Toto. In Gone there were more than 1,100 horses used that in that production. Animals always add humanity our storytelling. Their actions can change a plot or slow down the pace of a well-told tale. What many don’t know is that in addition to both movies sharing director Victory Fleming, they also shared an animal actor, a little black pony named Admiral.

  • History Campers Bake Colonial Recipes At Matthew Curtiss House

    “Mistress” Patty Graves looked up from the bowl of blueberries and tray of sliced apples to listen to a faraway rumble in a darkening sky. Although still at a distance, she worried a summer storm might interrupt campers preparing blueberry pudding pie and apple crisp Wednesday, July 15, during history camp at the Matthew Curtiss House on Main Street.

  • Just In Time For A Hot Summer: Fruit Plus Maple Syrup Equals Fruple

    Fruple is a gluten-free, dairyless frozen dessert option made solely of organic fruits and maple syrup.

  • Building Forts And Shelters At Two Coyotes Wilderness School

    Each week at the Two Coyotes Wilderness School has a different theme of wilderness and survival skills with different camps offered, according to Camp Director Karianna Rosenberg.

    Tuesday, July 7, was day two of the Forts and Shelters camp.

  • Ruth Newquist To Serve As Grand Marshal Of 2015 Parade

    Ruth Newquist To Serve As Grand Marshal Of 2015 Parade

    By Nancy K. Crevier

    “Celebrating the Fine Art of Newtown — Honoring SCAN” is the 2015 Newtown Labor Day Parade theme, and it is Ruth Newquist who will put a face to that theme, as grand marshal.

  • Concert Preview: Kansas Keeps Pumping Out Progressive Hits With New Blood

    RIDGEFIELD — When Kansas burst onto the mainstream music scene with “Carry On Wayward Son” in 1977, they were already a well-established and well-practiced ensemble that honed their musicianship and performance skills playing hundreds of shows and producing several preceding records.

  • New Viewpoint For A Familiar View

    This photo of Newtown’s famous flagpole intersection at Main Street and Church Hill Road was taken by Joey Santella with the help of his DJI Phantom Vision 2+ drone. He will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida in the fall to study unmanned autonomous systems.   

  • The Way We Were

    July 20, 1990

  • The Top of the Mountain

    The advantage to being a cat is that I have no pockets or backpack from which things can fall out. Not everyone is so lucky. I understand Newtown Parks & Recreation has some items waiting to be claimed. A pair of children’s baseball gloves, some glasses, and bracelets have been found at Newtown fields and parks in recent months. Call the department at 203-270-4340 for more information, if you think any of these items could be yours.

  • Snapshot: Barbara Wilson

    Occupation: I have recently taken a new job, as a relocation accounting analyst with Cartus, in Danbury. I process payments for transferees in international moves. Before this, I was in banking, working for a credit union. I’m enjoying learning something new.