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The Democrats' Attack On The Catholic Church



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The Democrats’ Attack

On The Catholic Church

To the Editor:

If anyone needed any more evidence of the vile, despicable, bigoted nature of the current Democratic Party one need look no further than the recent edict by the US Department of Health and Human Services that forces Catholic employers to offer health coverage that includes sterilization, abortion inducing drugs, and contraception. All of these in direct violation of Catholic teaching. So now the United States government, under the leadership of Mr Obama, is forcing Catholic institutions to violate their consciences and forcing them to participate in a health care program that offends them. So much for the separation of church and state that the Democrats constantly howl about.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last as long as Democrats are in any position of power, that there has been a concerted effort against the Catholic Church. In the recent past the Democrats in Hartford attempted to force legislation to reorganize the Catholic Church and then after failing at that attempted to silence church leaders who publicly defended their church. Nationwide there are other attempts to put Catholic adoption and other services out of business. Why you may ask? Because the Catholic Church is one of the last institutions to stand up and speak up in support of traditional marriage and traditional sexual roles. 

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but most cannot be because they are shameless. I call on all Catholics, and all people of all faiths to come together and fight against this most recent violation of religious liberty. I also challenge Democrat Representative Christopher Lyddy, who if I am not mistaken is a St Rose parishioner and recently spoke at St Rose School about issues affecting the school, to condemn this most recent assault on the Catholic Church and to let his constituents and fellow parishioners know where he stands on this issue and the issue of the Democrat led attacks on the Catholic Church in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Ernest Vitarbo

20 Turkey Hill Road, Newtown                                January 31, 2012

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