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Torpedoes Swim Highlights



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Torpedoes Swim Highlights

The Newtown Torpedoes swim teams took on Watertown and fell 435-211 on January 31, but the local swimmers had strong showings at the Newtown High pool. Results are as follows:

8 And Under Girls

100-yard medley relay: First, Newtown A (Jenna Ehnot, Zoe Freedman, Isabella Jimenez, Audrey Sedensky), 1:26.96, Third, Newtown C (Lianna Perazzo, Emily Celentano, Althea Paynter, Kiernan Kelly), 2:05.20

25-yard freestyle:  Second, Freedman, 17.19, Third, Ehnot, 20.58, Fifth, Cecilia Schoeni, 22.03

25-yard butterfly:  First, Freedman, 20.25, Third Sedensky, 21.63, Fourth Jimenez, 22.49

25-yard backstroke:  Second, Ehnot, 21.96, Third, Schoeni, 22.83, Fifth, Anna Steare, 27.00

100-yard individual medley: First, Freedman, 1:37.86, Second, Sedensky, 1:47.65, Third, Rachel Tramposch, 2:05.49

25-yard breaststroke:  First, Gianna Terracino, 28.37, Fourth, Tramposch, 30.81

50-yard freestyle:  Second, Terracino, 43.35, Third Jimenez, 43.72, Fifth, Schoeni, 49.93

100-yard freestyle relay: First, Newtown A (Sedensky, Emily Celentano, Tramposch, Jimenez), 1:25.16, Third, Newtown B (Anna Steare, Sophia Patelli, Helena Sabo, Kelly Garcia), 1:53.54

8 And Under Boys

100-yard medley relay: Second, Newtown A (Layton Harrell, Peter Fagerholm, Joshua Bent, Noah Schmidt), 1:41.31

25-yard freestyle:  Second, Noah Schmidt, 18.87, Fourth, Brooks Petershack, 23.70, Sixth, Jack Ciaramello, 27.16

25-yard butterfly:  First, Schmidt, 22.10, Third, Petershack, 26.87, Fourth Bent, 27.18

25-yard backstroke:  Second, Harrell, 22.22, Fourth, Eli Holmes, 28.56, Sixth, Ciaramello, 30.30

100-yard individual medley: Second, Fagerholm, 1:55.26

25-yard breaststroke:  Second, Fagerholm, 26.71, Fourth, Morgan Main, 45.63

50-yard freestyle:  Second, Harrell, 41.74, Fourth, Bent, 51.21

100-yard freestyle relay: Second, Newtown B (Anthony Isabella, Evan Lee, Morgan Main, David Lawrence), 2:06.63

9-10 Girls

200-yard medley relay: Second, Newtown A (Brigid Duero, Molly Begg, Emma Horne, Emily Campbell), 3:01.89, Fourth, Newtown B (Bridgit Spies, Emma Brantl, Megan Milano, Grace Walter), 3:23.84

100-yard freestyle: Second, Duero, 1:20.17, Fourth, Campbell, 1:32.03, Sixth Horne, 1:53.66

50-yard butterfly:  Fourth, Haley Trudell, 52.34, Fifth, Hailey McNulty, 52.76, Sixth, Begg, 55.09

50-yard backstroke:  First, Duero, 39.55, Fourth, Brantl, 46.81, Fifth, Campbell, 46.97

100-yard individual medley: Fourth, Brantl, 1:42.78, Fifth, Trudell, 1:49.13, Sixth, Milano, 1:55.34

50-yard breaststroke:  Third, Begg, 49.80, Fourth, Brantl, 50.19, Sixth, Trudell, 52.10

50-yard freestyle:  Third, Duero, 35.53. Fifth, McNulty, 40.05, Sixth, Campbell, 40.55

200-yard freestyle relay: Second, Newtown A (Amanda Tramposch, Isabelle Silver, McNulty, Trudell), 2:52.03, Fourth, Newtown B (Clare Boyle, Callie Krasushaar, Alexis Rodriguez, Walter), 3:24.31, Sixth, Newtown C (Rose Hill, Kathryn Blanco, Hailey Pindell, Isabella Luciano), 4:13.90

9-10 Boys

200-yard medley relay: Second, Newtown A (Lincoln Gray, Evan Eggleston, Matthew Kretz, Jacob Steinebrey), 3:26.15

100-yard freestyle: Third, Kretz, 1:36.12, Fifth, Steinebrey, 1:48.26, Sixth Connor McNerney, 1:54.62

50-yard butterfly:  Second, Eggleston, 48.26, Fifth, Steinebrey, 1:03.40

50-yard backstroke:  Fourth, Kretz, 53.02, Fifth, Luke Gaynor, 1:00.48

100-yard individual medley: Second, Eggleston, 1:40.79, Fifth, Kretz, 1:53.14

50-yard breaststroke:  First, Eggleston, 48.54, Fifth, Matthew Pindell, 1:10.03

50-yard freestyle:  Fourth, Sean Lee, 50.00, Fifth, McNerney, 53.54, Sixth, Pindell, 56.17

200-yard freestyle relay: Third, Newtown A (McNerney, Pindell, Gaynor, Lee), 3:40.34

11-12 Girls

200-yard medley relay: First, Newtown A (Megan McDonald, Elizabeth Helmig, Kimmy Gates,Amy Martinelli), 2:30.55, Third, Newtown C, (Claire Alexander, Rachel Buzzi, Aspen Kraushaar, Noelle Benson), 3:06.69

100-yard freestyle: Third, Gates, 1:12.55, Fourth, Gailin Heller, 1:23.41, Fifth, McDonald, 1:25.00

50-yard butterfly:  Second, Martinelli, 38.27, Fourth Helmig, 39.87, Sixth, Heller, 46.72

200-yard freestyle: Third, Annika Fagerholm, 2:48.30, Fifth, Marissa DiBella, 3:07.51

50-yard backstroke:  Fourth, Helmig, 39.47, Fifth, Gates, 40.04, Sixth, McDonald, 41.33

200-yard individual medley: Second, Martinelli, 3:03.35, Third, Eliza Eggleston, 3:11.33, Fourth, Charlotte Gray, 3:32.03

50-yard breaststroke:  Second, Fagerholm, 44.42, Third, Eggleston, 44.69

50-yard freestyle:  Second, Eggleston, 33.62, Fourth, Gray, 35.33, Sixth DiBella, 38.07

200-yard freestyle relay: First, Newtown A (Gray, DiBella, Gates, Martinelli), 2:23.71, Third, Newtown B (McDonald, Eggleston, Fagerholm, Schoeni), 2:30.10, Fourth Newtown C (Abbi Winters, Benson, Kraushaar, Buzzi), 3:14.86

11-12 Boys

200-yard medley relay: First, Newtown A (Matthew Hess, Harrison Buzzi, Matthew Argraves, Doug Main), 2:38.04, Second, Newtown B (Brenden Peterson, Seth Barrett, Alex Weber, Alex Klang), 2:41.34, Fifth, Newtown C (Owen Gray, Anthony Vournazos, Bobby Silver, Luke Mammen), 3:13.78

100-yard freestyle: Second, Tim Eames, 1:17.47, Fourth, Klang, 1:23.34, Fifth Barrett, 1:24.44

50-yard butterfly:  Fourth, Buzzi, 38.06, Fifth, Weber, 38.94, Sixth, Argraves, 38.89

50-yard backstroke:  Third, Eames, 43.54, Fourth, Michael Poulter, 44.23, Fifth, Zach McNulty, 45.47

200-yard individual medley: Second, Buzzi, 3:01.95, Third, Argraves, 3:19.05, Fifth, Poulter, 3:44.39

50-yard breaststroke:  First, Buzzi, 40.92, Second, Barrett, 42.13, Sixth, Poulter, 56.86

50-yard freestyle:  Second, Weber, 32.38, Third, Eames. 34.17, Fifth, Nathan Steinebrey, 39.07

200-yard freestyle Relay: Second, Newtown A (Eames, Argraves, Main, Weber), 2:18.68, Fourth, Newtown B (Poulter, McNulty, Aiden Petershack, Steinebrey), 2:38.09, Fifth, Newtown C (Graham Johnson, Bill Pindell, Matt Marini, Thomas Shaker), 3:32.68

13 And Over Girls

200-yard medley relay: First, Newtown A (Megan Duero, Zoe Eggleston, Sally Martinelli, Abby Fagerholm), 2:15.72, Fourth Newtown B (Michelle Isabella, Jane Sclafani, Shannon McDonald,Elana Sadlon ) 2:34.33

100-yard freestyle: Third, Fagerholm, 1:08.18, Fifth, Sclafani, 1:14.89, Sixth, Sadlon, 1:35.58

100-yard butterfly: Third, Martinelli, 1:21.03

200-yard freestyle: Third, Fagerholm, 2:26.34

100-yard backstroke: Second, Duero, 1:12.82, Fifth Isabella, 1:25.27, Sixth, McDonald, 1:32.12

200-yard individual medley: Third, Eggleston, 2:49.79, Fourth, Duero, 2:53.60, Sixth McDonald, 3:14.04

100-yard breaststroke: First, Z. Eggleston, 1:25.34, Fourth, Sclafani, 1:29.34, Fifth,  M. Isabella, 1:30.39

50-yard freestyle: Fourth, E. Sadlon, 38.42

200-yard freestyle relay: Second, Newtown A (Eggleston, A. Fagerholm, C. Fagerholm, Duero), 2:02.51, Fourth Newtown B (Isabella, Sadlon, McDonald, Sclafani), 2:23.65

13 And Over Boys

100-yard freestyle: First, Patrick Milano, 1:04.86, Second, Scott Schmidt, 1:14.92, Fourth, Billy Begg, 1:39.03

200-yard freestyle: First, Schmidt, 2:53.15

50-yard Freestyle: Second, Milano, 28.13, Third, Ben Galassi, 38.17, Fourth, Begg, 43.15

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