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The Cheetahs had their best game of the season against the Orange Crush. The Cheetahs were led on the offensive boards by Amanda Hagschi, Eliza Roth and Emma Archiere. Chelsea Fowler and Molly McCleary played smart defensively throughout the game. At the point guard position, Shannon Mulligan and Julia Weiland did an excellent job of running the Cheetahs’ offense. Yvonne Wei and Elizabeth and Catie Teixeira dominated in the open court cashing in on fast break opportunities.

The Deadly Sharks played a solid defensive game on Saturday, no doubt inspired by picture day. The team is improving each week and playing well together. Ella Hage scored 6 points, Julia Doyle continued to be active on the boards, and Abby Stites put together an outstanding effort on both ends. Shannon Kelleher, Olivia Buchler, Julia Gerace and Emma Magazu had terrific all-around floor games while Maddie Hintze was a leader on the floor and made great decisions throughout the game.

The Murphy Basketball Camp Orange Crushers played an exciting double header this week. After getting off to a slow start, the offense kicked into high gear and put some serious points on the board. Shea Murphy, Amyla Posey, Samantha DelGuidice, Erin Phanuef, Rachel Arena and Grace Eurell led the offense. Kate Petersen, Rebecca Filiato, Chloe O’Connell, Amelia Hufschmied, Scarlett Long and Taegan Smith led the tenacious defense.


Shooting Stars 23, Tasmanian Devils 5: It was a tough day on the hardwood for the Tassies as they struggled to get any shots to fall. It was made even more difficult by some excellent defense by the Stars. The Stars maintained a suffocating defense starting with Sarah Widmann and Brianna Lovely out front and Greta Staubly down low. The Tassies were led in scoring by Nathalie Schickendantz (3 points) and Jackie Moccio (2 points). The Tassies put together a gritty effort. The Stars were led in scoring by Brianna Lovely (6 points), and Larkin Huffman, Sarah Widmann and Catherine Shaw with 4 points each. Greta Staubly was a dominating force on the boards.

Inspirations for the Home, LLC. Mean Green Fighting Machine 22, Hip Hoopsters 17: The Fighting Machine put together a strong team effort to knock off the first place Hoopsters with balanced scoring and suffocating defense. The Machine balanced scoring was led by Ally Tolson and Sarah Lindell with 6 points each, followed by Casey McClean and Shannon Chheh with 4 points each. The Hoopsters struggled to find their groove until the Machine had the contest well in hand. The offensive effort for the Hoopsters was led by Grace Corcoran (6 points) followed by Heather Azzarito and Madison Findlay (6 points each). Cathy Hyeon and Liz Weisgerber were strong on the boards but it was not enough to come away with the win.

Raymond James Financial Shock 21, Dr Della Schmidt Chiropractic Clinic Sunburst 6: The Shock’s team defense was the key difference in the game. Abby Pearson had 4 blocks, Angela Vodola had 3 steals, and Jordan Williams forced four turnovers. Offensively, Rebecca Gavel led the scoring with eight points followed by Lexi Leidlein with 6. It was a hard-fought victory by the entire team.  The Sunburst came up short on the scoreboard but it was not due to effort and determination. The Sunburst put together a strong first quarter, keeping the score close and behind baskets from Jackie Gouveia (2 points) and Grace Pettinelli (4 points).  Maddie Brock provided much improved point guard play with some good passing and ball control. Jackie O’Leary, Rachel O’Grady Emma Schmidt-Tarnish and Kendra Saunders showed determination on the defensive end of the floor.

Monstrosity 37, Space Narwhals 14: With this win the Purple Monstrosity joins Hip Hoopsters and Mean Green Fighting Machine in a three-way tie for first place. Top scorers were Carly Swierbut, Jenna Carvalho and Danielle Otero with 8 points each. Cailin Wilson and Katie McCabe put up 4 points. Caitlyn Child scored 3 points. Brooke Antous and Anna Cartelli scored 2 points. Rebound leaders were Otero, McCabe, Carvalho and Child. Katie Basset stepped the defensive pressure and Antous stole every dribble that dared to come near. The Space Narwhals ran into a well-oiled buzz saw in the form of the Monstrosity. It made for a tough day, but the the Narwhals did not lose heart and continued to battle to the end. They were led in scoring by Cory Mangold (10 points) followed by Vanessa Tucker and Briana Castellano (2 points each). Defensively, the Narwhals were led by strong efforts by Hayley Lambert, Teresa Forlenzo and Rachel Tomasino.


Purple Crush 34, Green Hornets 10: The Purple Crush played amazing team basketball to defeat the Green Hornets. Katie Ryan broke out in the second quarter to score 8 points which put the Crush ahead 24-4 at the half. Rebecca Alicea was unstoppable as she repeatedly drove the ball into the paint for her 8 points. Nicky Shairer, Sydney Howard and Annable Terry all got in on the fun by scoring 4 points apiece. Ashley Hammond and Eileen McCleary each added a basket while Olivia Steare played a great game at point guard. For the Green Hornets, Juliette Cryder and Kaley Meisenheimer combined for the team’s 10 points.

 Tootsie Rolls 27, Green Hornets 23: The Tootsie Rolls took advantage of a tired Green Hornets team to edge them out by 4 points in a hard-fought game. For the Tootsie Rolls, Colleen Phaneuf, Carlie Smith and Mary Celentano combined for 25 points with Jillian Carrino scoring the other 2 points. Jillian Carrino was also the defensive star of the game while Megan O’Rourke was the rebound leader. For the Green Hornets, Juliette Cryder contributed 10 points by scoring consistently in every quarter.  Virginia Hepp scored 5 points in the third quarter to put the Hornets ahead if only for a short time. Kylee Raiano and Ella Marsh played well for the Hornets also. Savannah Duffy was the assist leader, Celia Floros was the defensive star and Megan LeBlanc was the rebound leader.

Filan LLC Nighthawks 20, Celtics 18: The Filan Nighthawks and the Celtics met for their fourth meeting this season and played another tight contest. The Nighthawks were paced by game captain Karsen Pirone with 12 points including the game winner in the final minute. Grace Bertsche and Megan Riccardi were the rebounding stars for the Hawks. Ryssa Swanson dropped in a key bucket from long range and Angela Carierro skillfully knifed through the defense for 2 baskets with help from teammate Hallie Filan. Jane Shearin and Faith O’hara led the defense with support from Sarah Tressler. Kali Ryder also got in on the fun with a basket. Genevieve Murray scored 12 points for the Celtics while Anna Burns scored 4 points.

Grade 5

Newtown 53, East Haven 31: Newtown racked up their highest point total of the season, with all ten team members getting on the scoreboard. Kristen Cirone led all scorers with 12 points. Jenna Lavelle had 10, and Tess Davenport, Nicki DaPra and Kim Buttery each chipped in 6. Alison Kelleher played some of her best basketball of the season, driving to the basket and forcing multiple turnovers. Lauren Adams was a force to be reckoned with on defense, coming up with countless steals and 2 points in the win.

Newtown 38, Wilton 10: Newtown was strong out of the gate with a 24-3 lead at the half. Wilton pulled it together in the second half but could not dig itself out of the deficit. Carolina Stubbs found the net with a season high 7 points and many rebounds. Jackie Matthews drove to the hoop with confidence as she dished the ball down low and forced multiple turnovers. Annika Brady was tough on the glass and chipped in 6 points.

  Grade 7

Greenwich 30, Newtown 29: With the game tied 14-14 at the half, Newtown went on a 12-2 run to start the third quarter, and took a 10-point cushion into the fourth. However, Greenwich closed with an 11-0 run, capped off by 2 foul shots with 20 seconds remaining. Hailey Conrad continued her impressive inside game, with 7 points, 13 rebounds, 7 steals, and 3 assists. Olyvia Shaw scored 8, pulled down 7 rebounds, and had 6 steals. Nikki Zaccaro (4 points) boxed out well and grabbed 12 rebounds. Jess Maturo (5 rebounds) and Colleen McCarthy (3 rebounds) ran the team from the point and scored 4 points apiece. Cassidy Datin played strong defense, adding a basket and 5 rebounds.

Newtown 31, Fairfield 24: Newtown closed the game with a 10-0 run for the victory. Conrad (6 steals) and Zaccaro (3 assists) led the scoring with 9 points apiece, including a combined 9 in the final quarter. McCarthy (4 points), Maturo (5 steals), Natalie Shaker (3 points) and Datin all had 5 rebounds. Shaw added 4 points and 5 steals, while Meghan Doyle had 3 steals and Bella Luciano had 3 rebounds.

Grades 7-8

The Blitz 36, World Wide Coverage Spartans 24: Jessica Mullany led the Blitz to victory with a game-high 13 points. Maddie Pirone added eight and Emily Montoya chipped in 6 to help spread the Blitz scoring attack. Carly Kreshpan added 5 points and Lauren King played an outstanding game with a huge second half basket and tremendous defense. Kayla O’Sullivan controlled the top of the zone defense with 3 steals and Madeline Marlin and Jamie Calandro dominated the boards with eight rebounds apiece. High scorers Marissa Thill and Emily Neave scored 7 points each. Kayla DiSibio scored 4 points. Julia Wiberg, Kaitlyn Hull and Emma Horne scored 2 points each. Ten of the Spartans’ points were scored from the foul line, including 2 swish shots from Hull and 5 from the line from Thill.

E-Lemonaders 22, Da Bears 21: Aimee Talbot led the E-Lemonaders with eight points. Erin Tressler handed out four assists and Shannon Lynch swiped 6 steals. Abbie Kohler controlled the paint by hauling in nine rebounds. Sarah Bender scored a game-high 13 points for Da Bears and Megan Kelleher chipped in 6. 

The Celtics 30, CTS Micro Flintstones 25: The Celtics earned the win behind Allie Indelicato’s 15 points. Danielle Mola handed out an important assist late in the game to help preserve the victory. Tegan Doherty had four steals and Ashleigh Shaw pulled down eight rebounds. The Flintstones mounted a furious comeback and almost secured the win, helped by Anna Buzzanca’s eight points. Muriel Daccache handed out 3 assists and Emily Bell was the defensive stopper with 6 steals. Katie Laaksonen controlled the backboards by grabbing nine rebounds.

The Globetrotters 30, Style 24: The game began very one-sided as the Style jumped out to a 20-10 halftime lead. The Globetrotters began a second half comeback and closed the gap to 22-18 at the start of the fourth quarter. The Globetrotters outscored the Style 12-2 in the fourth quarter to secure the win. Kamdynn Moroney led the way with 10 points while Christina Moore, Jessica Shairer, and Claire Beiter each chipped in 6. Hannah Logan and Courtney DeMeglio applied the defensive pressure while Christina Moore controlled the paint with 12 rebounds. The Style was led in scoring by Olivia Hamula and Rachel Williams each of whom scored 10 points. Annie Hoffman and Stefanie Carr each scored a basket to help keep the game close




The Huskies played a great all around game this week. They were led on offense by Cameron Reishenbauch, Braden Murphy, and James Malin. Luke O’Connor and Connor Smith controlled the defense. Great defense was played by Anthony Cricci, Jimmy McPadden, Josh Parsons, and Jeremy Pancow.

The Defenders have done a great job in grasping the team concept in basketball as the team members continue to pass the ball to open teammates. In this past weekend’s game, strong offensive rebounding from Peter Taweh and Macklin Berry allowed them to make several baskets and Peter Taweh had his season best performance. Devin Herbstman played strong defense and also ran the offense from the point. Jacob Schumer and Aiden Berry had strong games with great team defense, rebounding, and driving to the basket. Philip Cappelli had his best offensive game with several baskets from the outside and some drives to the basket too.

The Black Dragons have really developed their team play throughout the year. They continued to play with fire and intensity this past weekend with energy in all phases of the game. Gavin Murray, Cameron Petrelli, and Jake Holmes led the scoring attack while Matt Mattera and Drew Poseno showed exceptional passing, rebounding and teamwork.

The Geckos played an outstanding game behind the strong all-around play of Ethan Paley, Zachary Katsuleres and Noah Dinallo. Andrew Bazuro was awesome on the boards and John Sullivan dribbled through the defense all game long. The Gecko defensive stars were Jake Mailloux and Mason Woodard both of whom played aggressively on the ball. RJ Figueroa, Ryan Bicho and Brendan Adams took charge on the defensive side of the ball for the Nighthawks, playing hardnosed defense, making multiple steals and pulling down several rebounds. Aiden Finnegan coordinated the offensive attack by distributing the ball, scoring and leading the way on fast breaks.

The Slammers are improving each week. Matt and Nick Sortino are controlling the ball and scoring on lightning-fast layups.  Tom Bassett is playing great defense and blocking shots. Zach Riley and Daniel Sibley have been playing good all-around basketball to help the team.


Grade 4

Blue Mavs 21, White Mavs 19: The Blue Mavs were up 12-8 at the half, but the White Mavs came back to tie the game at 14-14 midway through the second half. The Blue Mavs reclaimed the lead, and with less than a minute remaining, Kyle Sullivan nearly tied the game with a long jumper that went in and out. Zack Droukas and Nick Kalra led the Blue Mavs’ offense with 6 points each. Joey Rios added 5 and Keenan Murphy connected for 4. Josh Taylor was strong on the boards for the Blue Mavs, while Kieran Coffey, Drew Mitchell and Liam Murphy kept the pressure on the White Mavs offense. The White Mavs were led by Jack Mulligan with 8 points, while Kyle Good grabbed 9 rebounds. Jack Kuligowski led the offense at the point and dished out some nice assists to Jack Lydon and Charlie Eppers. Sam Eppers and Max Wrage played great defense and helped out on the boards.

White Mavs 44, St Marks 24: The White Mavs played a well-rounded game in the semifinal round of the Milford League playoffs on Sunday at Jonathan Law High School. After a slow start, the White Mavs pulled away in the third quarter with an outstanding offensive and defensive effort. Jack Mulligan dominated the second half and finished with 21 points. Jack Lydon and Charlie Eppers combined for 10 points, while Kyle Good controlled the boards all day. Kyle Sullivan continued to have a hot hand from the outside, while Patrick Oberstadt and Max Wrage played smothering defense. Sammy Eppers had another strong defensive performance and Jack Kuligowski played great at the point all day, finishing with 12 assists. The White Mavs will face the undefeated New Canaan team on Sunday in the Milford League championship game.

Grade 6

Celtics 31, Monstars 29: This game was up for grabs into the closing minutes until the Celtics came away with the victory.  Leading the Celtic’s offense was both David (The Glide) Daria and Cayden (The General) Dunn who both contributed 12 and 11 points, respectively.  The Glide was his usually speedy self, and had some nice coast-to-coast layups, while The General made some nice up-and-under put backs around the glass, and hit a key free throw in the 4th quarter.  Leading the C’s defense was Owen (The Roadrunner) Rahr, who made key steals and stops while in both the zone press and in man-to-man D in the second half to keep the Monstars from taking the lead.

AdvisorTrust.com Doughnuts 31, Buckateers 30: The Advisorstrust.com Doughnuts played an exciting game, keeping the score within a 3-4 point game throughout. Teddy Wojcik played an outstanding game with his wind-mill defense. The Doughnuts had a total of three 3-point shots by Danny Grosso (2) and Aidan Ford (1). The Harper brothers played well with strong defense and crisp passing and played on the court together throughout the game for the first time all year. Ian Shull fought hard for the ball. After trailing 19-18 at the half, both teams scored 12 points in the second half. Harry Eppers scored 11 points and had 6 rebounds to lead the Bucketeers. Tommy Fitzgerald added 6 points including 2-for-4 from the free throw line and had 4 steals. Dylan Champagne scored 5 points and Cameron Champagne had 4. Mathew Menousek and Jack Vaughan scored a bucket each. Menousek had a season-high 7 rebounds. Vaughan also had 3 steals.

Invaders 38, Thunder 37: The invaders continued their great play defeating the first place Thunder for their seventh win in their last eight games. They were able to hold off a late fourth quarter surge by the Thunder when Ethan Aug blocked Eugene Citrano’s 3-point attempt as time expired. The entire team has upped its game and is playing excellent basketball, looking for the open man, making crisp passes, and grabbing key rebounds. Colin Kelly made a nice no look pass to feed  Ben Harrison who had his third consecutive great game (10 points, 8 rebounds, 2 steals). Tyler Gaynor played great on defense with 11 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks, and had a nice reverse hook layup for 2 of his 6 points. Jack Miller added 10 points with 2 3-pointers. Jackson Dooley added a three of his own from the top of the key. Eugene Citrano led Thunder scorers with 18 points followed by Matt Sadowski (8), Adam Farley (4), Kenny Malin (3), Kai Toomey (2) and E.J. Santayana (2). Defensively the boys combined for 29 rebounds. Matthew Sadowski led all rebounders with 10 followed by Jack Buchler (7), Kai Toomey (4), Adam Farley (3), Eugene Citrano (3), Kenny Malin (1), and E.J. Santayana (1). The boys also had eight steals: Adam (2), Eugene Citrano (2), Kai Toomey (1), Kenny Malin (1), Jack Buchler (1), and E.J. Santayana (1). Jack Carello played strong defense and set a number of key picks that enabled teammates to score.

Swishers 31, Sox 20: The Swishers, behind a team record 49 rebounds, defeated the Sox. Ryan Williams led the way with 4 points and 15 rebounds and got plenty of help with the great all-around play of Ryan Mailloux and Timmy Shaw. All-star Justin Woodard chipped in with 8 points while Connor Dinallo and John Payne were awesome on defense.

Hot Shots 35, Celtics 33: Greg Brissette’s half-court 3-pointer ended the first half and built a good lead for the Hot Shots.  They were able to hold on down the stretch as the Celtics made a great comeback. Brissette had another 3-pointer and ended up with 12 points for the Hot Shots. Matt Principi added 8 points, PJ Pfeiffer had 4 and Sterling Radacsi dropped in 2. Pfeiffer also had a great game, pulling in 10 rebounds. Kent Mullen and Nate Jones were also tough on the boards while Michael Narducci, Tristian Crone and Brendan O’Hara were very active on the defensive side of the ball. In the closing minute, the C’s had a couple of chances to tie it up, but came up one basket short despite their best efforts. Leading the Celtics’ offense was James (The Glove) Hobar who splashed in 6 buckets from the field to lead the team with 12 points and also hustled to collect 5 rebounds. During the continued contract dispute and hold out by Jack Bittman, fellow big man and guardian of the paint duties were the sole responsibility of Alex Street, who gladly obliged and led the Cs defensive attack by swatting back 7 of the opponents shots and gathered 8 boards to lead the break. Also playing well on the Celtics’ defense was Benjamin Drew who played some aggressive defense to help corral the Hot Shots scorers, and also was seen multiple times diving on the floor for loose balls during the C’s full court zone press.

Tornadoes 50, AdvisorTrust.com Doughnuts 29: In the regular season finale, the Tornadoes turned up the heat and notched their ninth victory of the season. Led by Adam Wolff and John Finnegan, the Tornadoes’ attack featured scoring from Brian Montoya, Bobby Ward, Owen Walsh and Rhett Saunders. The offense was clicking on all cylinders as Michael Garner and Matthew Lundquist set picks all over the floor while the Tornadoes front line of Kevin Riccardi, Montoya, Saunders and Wolff again pounded the boards all afternoon. Mark Hall led the Doughnuts’ scoring with 15 points (9 from the 3-pointers). Kyle Gaynor had 8 points (4 from the field and 4 from the line). Danny Grosso and Jimmy Doutney both hit 3-pointers. Nick and Josh Harper played great defense with many steals. Ian Shull also added to the defense but Teddy Wojcik had his best game, with defensive stops, steals, rebounds and a block.

Black Hawks 32, Monstars 19: It was close until the end of the game when the Black Hawks pulled away from a Monstars team that hustled the whole game. Offensively, the B Hawks were led by Thomas Skrelja with 12 points. Also scoring were Robert Murray, Ben Terry, Doug Carriero, Evan Landgrebe, Jack Ciaramello, Wally Skrelja and Zack DeMiglio. The entire Hawk team played a solid defensive game, especially Ricky Mariani. Leading rebounders for the Black Hawks were Robert Murray with 11 and Doug Carriero with 7.

Grade 7

Mavericks 46, Monroe 45: Earlier this season Newtown Mavericks won at Monroe in the last seconds of a game decided by one point. This Saturday they outlasted visiting Monroe in another nail-biter. Gavin Stubbs led the Mavs with 5 rebounds, 2 blocks and 12 points on quick passing by teammates Will Huegi (4 points, 2 assists) and Austin Engler (5 points, 2 assists). Mike Liberante broke out with a season-high 10 points and had a block and 2 steals; Andrew Lee pulled down 4 rebounds and added 7 points; and while Sam Grossano had 3 steals and chipped in 6 points.

Bethel 37, Mavericks 25: Newtown’s pressing defense kept the team in the game early, but Bethel’s long front court was too tough. Tommy Kitzmiller had 2 steals and Connery Mayer was menacing on defense as Brian Flood (3 blocks, 3 rebounds, 1 steal) was solid down under the boards. Jason Hebner scored 6 and Mike Liberante had a team-high 8 points.

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