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Gratitude For Our Special Town



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To the Editor:

I always knew our town was special! But I have to shout from the rooftop how many special people are in this beautiful town. There are so many busy sewing masks, who are so happy to do so. But one woman stands out to me: Shirley lives at Nunnawauk Meadows and today sent me an e-mail saying she made one by hand! It took her several hours but she didn’t complain. As a matter of fact, she said it would be better if she could feel her fingers, but said “it could be worse.” Or Maggi, who gave me money to buy things for those who need it. And the need was there!

Gratitude to our Selectman who provides information and a soothing voice echoing concern for all. I hope you’ve all had an opportunity to hear him read a story each Sunday at 8 pm. To Natalie [Jackson] and the many town employees working tirelessly to make sure everyone’s needs are met, reaching out and being present for so many. Without a doubt, a huge THANK YOU to all our medical personnel who help the already overloaded hospital and ERs.

Buy Nothing Newtown, who banned together with one another to stay connected. Special thanks to Nicole and her husband who made cards for people with a variety of concerns — chronic illness, heart, pregnant women and more — for us to hang on our doors to alert deliveries and others to be extra cautious.

And to our businesses: the supermarkets who stay open, providing special hours for seniors and disabled, restaurants who continue to provide take out. Thank you for supporting all these establishments. Gratitude for the many organizations that have helped. I’m so grateful to Meals on Wheels (mostly because it breaks up my week which is eerily empty of places to volunteer) and Faith Food Pantry.

And to all our churches that hold online services as well as weekly ZOOM events so we stay connected.

It’s been heartwarming to see so much kindness, to see people waving to each other as you drive by and smile. I know lots of others doing so many wonderful things for so many, so that everyone remains safe. My hope and prayer is that this becomes the norm.

We are all concerned and fearful. This virus is mighty powerful, but if we are smart and stay home, we will have waged a good fight. We are all in this together. Call your neighbors, check on loved ones near and far. But above all else, stay home and stay safe.

With gratitude,

Anna Wiedemann

13 Clearview Drive, Sandy Hook March 31, 2020

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