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Not A Fan Of Newtown



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Not A Fan Of Newtown

To the Editor:

My wife and I moved to Sandy Hook in 1989 and we seemed to enjoy the experience. In early 1996 we were transferred to Midland, Mich.

Before we left the Newtown area I received a vehicle tax notice from the Town of Newtown. To the best of my recollection the tax notice was due on October 1 of 1996. As I was happily relocated and paying Michigan and Midland taxes at that time I disregarded the notice.

Since that time (1997) I have been hounded and possibly harassed by the tax collector’s office to the point of turning it over to the collection agency and thereby affecting my credit reputation. Faced with this form of intimidation, I capitulated and sent the payment.

Unfortunately this situation was not resolved at this time. I didn’t add the current interest charge. I continue to be hounded by the Newtown tax collector and have steadfastly refused to pay this amount Over the past few years the situation hasn’t changed. Today I received my tax bill from the Newtown tax collector and with interest fees the amount is now a whopping $17.77. I feel forced once again to concede. I will mail the payment tomorrow. I notice the interest is computed through March 31. I hope you receive it on time or we may start all over again. My only consolation is that Newtown has probably spent much more money on this matter than I have.

With steadfast resolution I firmly declare I detest Newtown CT.

Disgustedly yours,

Roger Jesse

3777 SE Big Bend Terrace, Hobe Sound, Fla.          March 24, 2011

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