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National Hotline For Poison Prevention



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National Hotline For Poison Prevention

FARMINGTON – The Connecticut Poison Control Center (CPCC) at UConn Health Center has joined 64 other prevention control centers to help promote a new national hotline for position emergencies, prevention, treatment, and advice. The number works across the country and is easy to remember: 800-222-1222.

The new national hotline, available everywhere in the United States, puts callers in touch with a specially trained nurse, pharmacist, or physician at the nearest poison control center. These specialists will be most familiar with local health care. In Connecticut, callers will be connected to the CPCC.

Poison experts immediately respond to poison emergencies and answer poison-related questions about medications, household products, and other potentially dangerous substances.

“The hotline will help us, and centers across the country, to provide free, confidential advice and information about poisons and poison emergencies,” said Dr Mary McCormick, administrative director of the CPCC.

“In an emergency, when every second counts, a phone number that is easy to remember and gives you access to a poison prevention expert can help save more lives,” said Dr Marc J. Bayer, CPCC medical director. “It’s our hope that everyone will soon know to call 800-222-1222 for poison treatment and prevention information.”

The CPCC website at www.poisoncontrol.uchc.edu has information about poison prevention and potential poison hazards commonly found in homes.

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