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Wow, More Tax Revenues



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To the Editor:

I was interested to find out just how much the Town’s tax revenues would increase if the proposed distribution center/freight terminal was permitted to be built at Exit 9. After carefully culling the online field cards from the Tax Assessor’s office I calculated an increase of revenue of less than $300,000 or about 3 cents per day for every resident.

My analysis included a review of the various light industrial buildings in M zones and a discussion with the Tax Assessor.

Of course, we will never realize the 3 cents per resident per day because the facility could have close to 1,000 jobs for a 7 day, 3 shift operation, as well as the truckers who will be loading and unloading at the 76 truck bays.

We will have the additional costs for policing, firefighting, and emergency medical services. There will be the costs of maintaining local roads used by the long-haul trucks.

Then of course we will have to deal with the traffic problems that will naturally occur with this density.

It does not sound like a winning proposition.

I hope that you will come to the next public meeting on Thursday, May 5, at 7 pm at Edmond Town Hall to personally express your opinion on the P&Z application.

Gary Tannenbaum


Editor’s Note: Tenancy for this property has not been announced, and according to the Newtown Assessor’s Office, additional personal property taxes will not be assessed and paid until a completed facility is occupied.

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  1. garyt says:

    The proposal identifies itself as a “warehouse”.. Such buildings do not generate significant amounts of personal property taxes as they typically do not have large amounts of equipment.

    1. nb.john.voket says:

      Regardless, there will be additional personal property tax revenue once tenancy is established.

    2. saxon9075 says:

      what is the land taxed as now ? Woods, Farmland, Vacant ?

  2. saxon9075 says:

    Two things to keep in mind.
    One, what do we want to see done with this property. The current owners are entitled to profit from ownership of the land. I don’t think it is suitable for single family houses.
    Two, Remember what traffic is like when I 84 is at a standstill (traffic accident or construction) these trucks will havbe to run up and down Rt. 6 and Rt 25 when the highway is backed up.

    It is balancing these competing interests that our Boards have to keep in mind.

  3. tomj says:

    The property is already taxed as a commercial property. Specifically, the owners are paying $231,089.42 a year in taxes. Take a second for that to set in, 200k in taxes each year. They purchased this property before 2011 (which means they have paid ATLEAST $2.5 million in property taxes). The town specifically put sewers in that area to attract projects like this. No need for sewers for the coveted “open space” everyone wants to make it. I can’t believe people are delusional enough to think that a few protests can steer what is the owner’s legal right to use the property for the purpose it is zoned for. Yes, the town can make requirements for rainwater, the appearance of the building, or even when the lights are turned on and off. It can not tell a property owner they need to pay millions on taxes just to have the property stay unused. In short, here comes a truck depot.

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