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In Appreciation For Those Who Worked In Support Of The Budget



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In Appreciation For Those Who Worked In Support Of The Budget

To the Editor:

I want to express my sincere gratitude to those that have served our public, in both official and unofficial roles, during this year’s budget process. I am delighted that the budget passed on the first try and that voters supported the budget on a 60/40 split. There is of course much more work to be done as Newtown addresses longer-term town issues.

For now, though, I appreciate that the first selectman came forward to the council and publicly supported the Board of Education budget. I appreciate the ongoing fairness of the chairs of both the Board of Finance and the Legislative Council, and I appreciate that most of the members of each saw fit to “let the voters decide.” I also want to recognize the efforts of the Board of Education and acknowledge the difficulty of the job before them now as they identify the specific areas for proposed budget reductions at their May 4 and May 18 meetings.

I thank The Bee’s editor for using “Inkdrops” to encourage us to see the multitude of ways in which our tax dollars bring about “civilization” here in Newtown and I appreciate the venue of Letters to the Editor. Through this budget process I have found camaraderie in the most unlikely places, which has been a revitalizing and rewarding experience.

Lastly, my gratitude to the many who listened and came forward to vote: our democracy is a rare and precious gift. The mere act of casting one’s vote is a treasure for the soul.


Sarah Beier

7 Yogananda Street, Sandy Hook                                    May 4, 2004

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