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No Homeless Veterans In Connecticut



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To the Editor:

My dad served honorably in the US military and came back to a warm home and a loving family. All veterans have not been so lucky; far too many have ended up homeless.

Not in Connecticut, not anymore, because Governor Malloy made a commitment to solving the challenge of homelessness for veterans. In 2015 and each year since, Connecticut has made sure that every one of our veterans had housing. We were the second state to achieve this worthy goal.

Working with nonprofit organizations and state and federal agencies, the Malloy administration made sure that our more than 500 homeless veterans found stable housing. The administration also pledged to house any future homeless veterans within 90 days, and put in place the processes and partnerships needed to make that happen.

Under Malloy's leadership, we eliminated the homelessness problem for veterans; in fact, we reduced overall homelessness by 24 percent. This November, when we elect a new governor, let's make sure that we elect someone who will continue to prioritize stable housing for veterans. We owe them that commitment.

Betsy Litt

86 Great Hill Road, Newtown June 5, 2018

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