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To the Editor:

With the mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo; the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade; and especially the upcoming 10th anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary, I beg all of you who vote Democrat to please cast your vote at the midterm election this November.

As we all remember, at the time of the Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama strived to have something done. But the majority of the Senate was red. And it failed.

Now, with the murders at Uvalde, the Senate is split 50/50. Still the Republicans are overpowering. And still, nothing good enough is being done.

We must vote the Republicans out!

I ask, I beg, I plead with you. If some of you didn’t cast your Democratic vote last time, please do so this time. Those of you who usually don’t vote, please make an exception.

President Biden is dangerously close to being fully blocked by Republicans. And if they’re voted back into power, that’s exactly what will happen. Like Presidents Clinton and Obama, President Biden will end up spending the rest of his term not being able to do anything for the less fortunate.

Does he deserve that? Do we want that for him?

We need to help get as many seats flipped from red to blue as possible. President Biden deserves all the support he can get. We need to make it known that Mitch McConnell is a no. That Chuck Schumer runs the show.

Of course votes in Newtown alone are not enough to help the Democrats in Congress win an entire election. But every single vote counts. Every vote is priceless. Every vote matters.

Please cast your vote this November to show that we in blue are a political party too. That we are not minorities; we are not insignificant; we are not inferior; that Democrats have as much right to political power as Republicans; that we deserve our time — and our time is now!

Please vote. Vote the Republicans out.

Brian Isaac

Adams, Mass.

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  1. qstorm says:

    CT Senators and Representatives are all Democrats. Who would we be voting out?

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