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Concert Review: 'Fresh Baked Musicals' An Enjoyable Performance Of New Songs



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BROOKFIELD - Bravo to The Brookfield Theater of the Arts and Carol DeGiere for a very entertaining and impressive performance of songs from musicals that have yet to be produced. Ms DeGiere conceived of, initiated, unearthed, and produced "Fresh Baked Musicals," a special offering at the Brookfield theater that took place August 4.

Ms DeGiere has authored two books on the life and career of Broadway composer and legend Stephen Schwartz. As an absolutely awesome and exciting benefit to attending this wonderful evening of song, Mr Schwartz himself was in the audience and introduced one of his own musical numbers.

Featuring a cast of brilliantly talented singers from the local area, the songs were simply delish. Ranging from comedic quartets to romantic duets, with a whole lot of toe tapping and tear brushing in between, it was a wonderful evening. Saturday offered a rare opportunity to be up close and personal to such talent.

Serving as master of ceremonies, Don Bovingloh demonstrated his dry wit and spontaneous humor, most particularly in his repartee with accompanist and musical director Jerold Goldstein. They provided a steady stream of jabs and jokes which were good, light-hearted fun.

The vocal talent with which Mr Goldstein was blessed included Tyler Carey, Pam DeHuff, Matthew Gurren, Scarlett Mazur, sisters Kelsey and Kennedy Morris, Megan O'Callahan, Dan Satter, Melanie Votaw, Morgana Kate Watson, and the trio of Jeffrey Lodin, William Squier, and Bill Nabel.

Mr Goldstein's superb musical arrangement, direction, and pairing of vocal styles was flawless. Each of the singers took this opportunity to demonstrate not only their vocal skills, which were marvelous, but also their performance capacity. They were all completely engaged and mesmerizing to watch and hear.

Special guests Raissa Katona Bennett and Greg Roderick were exceptional. They each brought a level of enthusiasm and experience that was lovely to watch. Ms Bennett is highly animated and thoroughly charming.

The songs were chosen from hundreds of options. Each evoked awe at how deep and pervasive real talent is. The vast majority of the composers were unknowns. This presentation of their work was a small, yet vital, sampling of the brilliant work that lives in theaters everywhere.

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Ranging from comedic quartets to romantic duets, with a whole lot of toe-tapping and tear brushing in between, "Fresh Baked Musicals" was a wonderful evening, says Newtown Bee Reviewer Elizabeth Young.

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