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Still Looking For Lawmakers’ Responses



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To the Editor:

In the July 21st issue of The Newtown Bee, Brian Hartgraves submitted a Letter to the Editor asking our incumbent Newtown Delegation members Mitch Bolinsky & Tony Hwang to publicly address the following questions:

1. Where do you stand on the steps Connecticut has taken to ensure women have access to critical reproductive healthcare?

2. Where do you stand on continuing to limit semi-automatic weapons in Connecticut?

3. Where do you stand on the work of the January 6th committee investigating all parties who tried to overturn an election through violence, lies and deceit?

4. Do you believe President Biden was fairly elected to his office of President of the United States?

Unfortunately, to date, I have not seen any public response from either candidate.

Now that the primary is over, Leora Levy has been elected to run against our incumbent US Senator Richard Blumenthal. Leora Levy, per her website, is endorsed by our twice impeached former President and has the following stances:

1. She is Pro-Life and “will fight to protect the miracle of life.”

2. “Leora firmly believes in the Right to Bear Arms.”

Based on the above information I can only assume what Levy’s stance is on question 3 and 4 (especially since she calls President Biden incompetent on her website). So I’m hoping that we can get our Newtown State Representatives to publicly answer the above 4 questions. I would also like to know if they endorse the candidacy of Leora Levy, whose agenda is clearly geared to further divide our already fragmented US Senate.


Gavin Arneth

Sandy Hook

Editor’s Note: Both Rep Bolinsky and Senator Hwang contacted The Bee following an offer to publish their responses, requesting contact info for Mr Hartgraves, and were provided it with his permission so they could speak with him directly as a constituent.

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  1. qstorm says:

    “Twice impeached” but not convicted!

    50/50 Senate is ‘fragmented’?

  2. bw.reloconsult@snet.net says:

    Does the editor’s note mean that these two elected officials will not submit answer to the questions to the Bee?

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