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Police Reports | August 17-28, 2019



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Two Violations

Police report that while on patrol at about 12:49 pm on August 28, near 228 South Main Street in Botsford, they stopped motorist Celina Falis, 34, of Newtown, to investigate. Police said they issued Falis violations for illegal operation of a motor vehicle while under suspension and also for a stop lamp/turn signal violation. After posting $100 bail, police released Falis for a September 12 appearance in Connecticut Superior Court in Danbury.

Three MV Violations

Police said they stopped motorist Michael Baker, 38, of Derby, on westbound Interstate 84 in Sandy Hook to investigate at about 9:28 am on August 26, after noticing that the marker plates on the vehicle that he was driving did not match state Department of Motor Vehicles’ records.

Police then charged Baker with driving an unregistered vehicle, improper use of marker plates, and failure to have automotive insurance. Baker was released on $500 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on September 10.

Cadillac Crash

Police provided a general description of an accident that occurred about 7:40 pm on August 25 on South Main Street, south of its intersection with Ethan Allen Road.

Police said they received a report about an erratically driven dark sedan traveling northward on South Main Street, which had entered the southbound lane. Police found a green Cadillac that had a flat front tire driving in that area, but before they could stop the vehicle, it drove off the right road shoulder, south of Ethan Allen Road, and struck a utility pole, causing the auto to flip onto its roof.

Botsford volunteer firefighters responded to the incident, The injured driver was transported to Danbury Hospital. Police did not have specific information on the accident.

Jeep Vs Lightpost

About 8:04 pm on August 24, motorist Kelly Daly, 20, of Newtown, was driving a 2013 Jeep Wrangler SUV in the rear parking lot at Reed Intermediate School, when Daly inadvertently struck a lightpost, damaging the post and causing the lightpost’s bulb to fall, police said. There were no injuries.

Two Bicycles

Police report they learned at 8:09 pm on August 24 that two bicycles had been found alongside Wedgewood Court, near Taunton Hill Road. One bicycle is a green Kawasaki-brand vehicle and the other is blue, brand unknown. The bikes are being held at the police station for safekeeping. The owners or people who know the identity of the owners are asked to contact police at the police station at 3 Main Street, telephone 203-426-5841.


Police report that at about 6:46 pm on August 23, they investigated after motorist Jonathan Lema, 33, of Derby, had been involved in an unspecified motor vehicle accident near 100 Berkshire Road.

Police charged Lema with driving under the influence, driving a motor vehicle without a restrictive ignition device required after a DUI conviction, failure to drive in the proper lane, and driving without a license. Lema was released on $250 bail for a September 4 court appearance.

Dodge Vs BMW

On eastbound Interstate 84, near Exit 9, at about 8:37 am on August 22, motorist Christopher Berry, 57, of Southbury, who was driving a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck, struck the rear end of a 2017 BMW 320-XI sedan driven by Jimmetta Samaha, 69, of Danbury, state police said.

There were no injuries. Berry received an infraction for following too closely.

Four MV Charges

Police report that at about 9:14 am on August 22, they stopped motorist Michael Ortiz, 38, of Stratford, near the intersection of Berkshire Road and Wasserman Way for a traffic violation.

After investigating, police charged Ortiz with driving under suspension, failure to have automotive insurance, falsifying a marker plate/license/registration, and a marker plate violation. After arrest processing, police released Ortiz from custody on $1,000 bail for an arraignment on the charges on September 5 in Connecticut Superior Court in Danbury.

Evading Responsibility

Police report an incident that occurred at Sand Hill Plaza at 228 South Main Street in Botsford in which the driver who caused a motor vehicle accident left the scene of the incident without reporting it.

At about 10:30 am on August 22, a tall, thin, white woman with blonde hair and eyeglasses, who was driving a SUV, struck a parked, unoccupied vehicle and then drove away. The incident occurred near the TJ Maxx store at the plaza. Any witnesses to the collision are asked to contact police at the police station at 203-426-5841.


State police report a sideswipe collision on westbound Interstate 84, near the Exit 11 interchange at about 12:48 pm on August 22.

Involved in the accident were trucker Marty Brown, 49, of Carlisle , Penn., who was driving a 2011 Freightliner truck, and motorist Mary Skellington, 61, of Seymour, who was driving a 2014 Honda Accord auto. The two vehicles had been traveling side-by-side before sideswipe contact was made.

There were no injuries. Due to conflicting statements from the two drivers about what had occurred and no witnesses to the incident, no enforcement was taken.

Two-Vehicle Scrape

Police report a two-vehicle sideswipe collision on Mt Pleasant Road, near Tory Lane, about 10:20 pm on August 19.

Police said motorist Wilian Vasquez-Gregorio, 36, of Danbury was driving a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck westward on Mt Pleasant Road and came upon a westbound 2013 Audi A-4 sedan driven by Andre Curtis, 48, of Trumbull, which was stopped behind a line of traffic. The Chevrolet then drove over the road’s center line and the Chevrolet’s right running board sideswiped the Audi’s left side.

There were no injuries. Police issued Wilian Vasquez-Gregorio an infraction for failure to drive to the right and also for driving without a license.

Ethan Allen Road

Police said a two-vehicle accident happened on August 17 on Ethan Allen Road. Police learned on August 20 that the accident had occurred.

Motorist Stephen Boucher, 66, of Newtown, who was driving a 2005 Jeep Wrangler SUV westward, slowed to a stop for a stop sign at Ethan Allen Road’s intersection with South Main Street, after which motorist Rebecca Nastasia, 55, of Newtown, who was driving a 2008 Ford Fusion sedan westward, struck the rear end of the Jeep.

There were no injuries. Police verbally warned Nastasia for following too closely.

A group of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Compnay firefighters were checking the condition of a damaged van that rolled over on the road about 100 yards east of Zoar Road. Police said Iggy Skrbic-Oliver, 3, of Milford was driving a 2014 Ford Econoline van westard on on Berkshire Road about 1:34 pm on Tuesday, August 27, when the vehicle drove off the right road shoulder and struck an embankment, and flip onto its left side. The van skidded some distance on iots side along the roadway until comint to a stop in the eastbound lane. Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps treated Skrbic-Oliver at the scene for injuries and then transported him to Danbury Hospital. Police issued him an infraction for failure to maintain the proper lane and for failure to wear a seatbelt. During cleanup work after the accident, the road was closed to through-traffic in that area for about 20 munutes.—Bee Photo, Gorosko
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