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Parade Litter Takes Away From The Event



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Parade Litter Takes Away

From The Event

To the Editor:

The Labor Day parade is a great event. Hopefully, it will always be a part of our lives, but it’s the days after that take the excitement down a peg.

Torn wrappers, empty bottles. Litter everywhere that never seems to go away.

Let’s encourage the Big Y, Caraluzzi’s, Stop & Shop, et al, to offer their plastic bags to everyone. Great advertising for sure.

Then, if one of the garbage collectors, anxious to promote their business, would place a container on every corner, we’d have it all!

If, of course,  Mom and Dad were there to explain to their children what the bags were all about.

Richard Cole

72 Main Street, Newtown                                       September 5, 2012

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