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Thank You For Recycling Leadership



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To the Editor:

An open letter to Public Works Director Hurley and HRRA Director Heaton-Jones:

Thank you for your recycling leadership. You both noted the useful guide, What’s in, What’s out, at hrra.org; I’ve printed it and fastened it to our refrigerator. You both noted “curbside recycling,” which began in Newtown “nearly thirty years ago.” That sounds terrific, but I wasn’t here 30 years ago; perhaps you could republish that good information for us newcomers.

As to Single Stream, you are apparently in agreement: It “has been a challenge” or “isn’t perfect.” A friend’s brother, a recently retired Environmental Engineer, says it’s less than that. But however failed it may be, you, I’m pleased to hear, are moving forward (or is it sensibly back?): glass is leaving the stream. Paper next?

You are in the fight each day, good directors. I just write cranky letters, and with no irony at all, thank you for your recycling leadership.

Gordon Strother

14 Laurel Trail, Sandy Hook September 16, 2019

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