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Business Buzz: Carina The Sleep Consultant



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Business name: Carina the Sleep Consultant

Address: Online based

Owner: Carina Adler

What is your business background? This is my first time operating my own business. I’ve realized that my professional background and education, as a clinical social worker specializing in birth to age five, is a perfect fit for opening and growing my business. I decided to get certified as a sleep consultant after working with a sleep consultant to help my youngest son sleep better.

Her support and knowledge was invaluable, and I realized I could provide this help to families as well. Sleep is the foundation to our physical health, mental health, mood, behavior — everything! When our kids don’t sleep, and when we don’t sleep, it impacts it all.

I began taking clients this summer and have been focused on growing locally by reaching out to other local professionals (birth doulas, physical therapists, etc) and pediatricians, and offering my support to their clients and patients. My support and services are virtual, so I can help families anywhere.

What is your business’s focus? I provide sleep training packages for families with little ones ages four months to five years. I work with families to understand their situations and goals, and create individualized sleep plans to fit each child and family. Families that come to work with me aren’t sleeping and neither are their babies or young children. By the end of our two weeks together, everyone is usually much happier and better rested!

I also work with newborn parents to teach about setting a healthy sleep foundation, and I offer workshops to parent groups about a variety of sleep topics.

What is something important to you that readers know about your business? I would love readers and parents to know that there are many ways to sleep train babies and young children. The key is finding the right fit for each family. I use a variety of methods and encompass different aspects of sleep — from the sleep environment, to sleep timing, and routines. It can be a lot of puzzle pieces for tired parents to pull together. I love considering all of the details and supporting parents through the experience. Families are very grateful for the emotional support and guidance I provide.

Do you have any upcoming promotions, events, or seasonal specials? I’m offering a special promotion for Newtown Bee readers. At checkout on my website, enter “NewtownBee” for the next two weeks for 10% off all services.

Hours: Submit an inquiry anytime through my website.

Website: carinathesleepconsultant.com

Social Media: @carinathesleepconsultant

Phone: 203-491-0157

E-mail: carina@carinatsc.com

Carina Adler, pictured here in Sandy Hook, opened her business Carina the Sleep Consultant this year. She provides sleep training packages for families with children ages four months to five years old, helps parents of newborns, and leads parent workshops for a variety of sleep topics. —Bee Photo, Silber
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