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In Support Of Jahana Hayes



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To the Editor:

Winter is coming, and it’s time for us to decide which candidate for Congress will help us keep our heating bills manageable.

Just last week, our Democratic Rep Jahana Hayes voted for a bill that would provide over $19 million to help Connecticut families pay for utility bills and repairs. The measure would also prevent electric companies from shutting off a family’s power during the coldest months of the year.

Then there’s her opponent in the race to represent us in Washington, a well-paid lobbyist for a giant utility company. His employer’s plan to help working families?

You guessed it — higher water and electricity rates for you and me. That includes a whopping 72% increase in our electric rates over the last year.

It’s a pretty clear choice between the caring teacher and the Eversource lobbyist.

Jahana Hayes deserves to be re-elected to another term as our Congresswoman. Vote for Rep Hayes on November 8, and stay warm and safe this winter.

Frank Fitzmaurice


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