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Our Kids Will Never Walk Alone



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Our Kids Will Never Walk Alone

The following open letter to The Danbury Band Aids, Inc. has been received for publication:

On behalf of the Newtown High School Band Parents Corporation, I would like to thank all the Danbury parents for the consideration shown to the Newtown Nighthawks Marching Band at your show at Danbury High School this past Saturday night. The loss to complications from leukemia of one of our Drum Majors, Greg Chion, has been very difficult for our kids, staff, and parents.

Marching band isn’t really about competitions, scores, and trophies. It’s about building a community. Greg epitomized what marching band is all about: hard work, do your best, and bring people together.

As involved Newtown parents, we often refer to the band as “our kids” – all 137 of them. With the flag flying at half-mast in honor of Greg, flowers being presented by Danbury to our Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains, and a moment of silence in a football stadium where you could hear a pin drop, it occurred to me that they are all “our kids,” regardless of the color uniform they wear. I think that every parent for just a few minutes realized that this could have been his or her kid.

When the Newtown Nighthawks played “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the end of their regular performance and the entire audience stood in tribute to Greg, the message was very clear. The community that feels the loss goes well beyond Newtown and that “our kids” will “never walk alone.”

It’s our turn for a “tip of the Danbury hat” to your organization for handling this difficult time with class and compassion. Thank you.


Stephen G. Rosentel

President, Newtown High School Band

 Parents Corporation

P.O. Box 3333, Newtown               October 29, 2000

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