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The dispatchers at Edmond Town Hall report the following fire calls:



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The dispatchers at Edmond Town Hall report the following fire calls:

Thursday, October 25: 3:53 pm, alarm, no fire, Middle Gate School, Cold Spring Road, Botsford and Hook & Ladder responded; 4:02 pm, car fire, I-84 eastbound, east of Exit 9, Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded.

Friday, October 26: 10:09 am, hazardous condition, Mile Hill Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 10:26 am, hazardous condition, Main Street, Hook & Ladder responded; 10:48 pm, structure fire, Papoose Hill, Sandy Hook, Hawleyville and Hook & Ladder responded; 3:36 pm, wires down, Brookbridge Drive, Sandy Hook responded.

Saturday, October 27: 10:35 am, oven fire, Evergreen Road, Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder responded; 4:30 pm, investigation, Platts Hill Road, Botsford responded.

Sunday, October 28: 11:53 am, brush fire, Currituck Road, Hawleyville responded.

Monday, October 29: 8:35 am, alarm, no fire, Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder and Sandy Hook responded.

Tuesday, October 30: 2:48 pm, lift assist for ambulance corps, Middleton Road, Hook & Ladder responded.

Wednesday, October 31: 1 am, motor vehicle accident, Mt Pleasant Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 5:26 am, hazardous condition, Mt Pleasant Road, Hook & Ladder responded; 8:58 am, smoke in area, South Main Street, Botsford responded; 3:03 pm, mutual aid to Southbury, Sandy Hook responded; 9:46 pm, investigation, Bristle Lane, Sandy Hook responded; 10:46 pm, first response to medical emergency, Hattertown Road, Dodgingtown and Hook & Ladder responded.

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