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A Parade Of Costumes Welcomes Halloween 2016



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Wrapped in tattered rags and with a bandaged bleeding head was a young man on the front steps of first one, then another Main Street home, bag outstretched for candy.

Just past 4 pm were the frilly taffeta princesses, cloaked vampires, monsters, super heroes, and one image of Hillary Clinton as children hurried along the sidewalk, in the door-to-door hunt for treats.

Homeowners this year were ready again for what in recent years has been more than 2,000 guests, stopping in large groups as Halloween excitement propels them through the fading dusk into night.

Monsters one after another stumbled to and from the front stoop at 50 Main Street, one of many houses beckoning to guests on a quest for sweets Monday afternoon and evening. (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
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