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BROOKLYN, N.Y. —  Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art announces the opening of two solo exhibitions December 12–January 6. The first show, “Glass & Steel: A Pilgrim’s Process,” presents recent glass sculpture by national artist and architect Alan Binstock. The second exhibition, “Musical Line,” features new paintings by Brazilian artist and jazz impresario Ivo Perelman. A public reception for both exhibitions will be Friday, December 14, from 6 to 9 pm, in conjunction with the monthly Williamsburg Gallery Association “Second Friday” featuring local galleries open till 9 pm.

“Glass & Steel: A Pilgrim’s Process” marks the third solo exhibition by Alan Binstock at Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art. Speaking the primitive language of the cosmos, Binstock’s glass structures are transformed into beacons of reflective light sources capturing the passage of time.

Influenced by the deep space images he encounters as an architect for NASA, Binstock cultivates these celestial forms and how they mimic the vessels in the body. By “cold fusing” shattered glass fragments with epoxies, he layers, chisels, grinds and polishes the sculpture like stone, allowing him to magnify and change inner forms. In his own words, the artist describes his process as “sculpting with light itself.”

“Musical Line: New Paintings by Ivo Perelman” is the second solo exhibition by Ivo Perelman at Ch’i Contemporary Fine Art. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1961, he came to the United States in 1981 to pursue a musical career. Perelman has exhibited his artwork worldwide and is included in the public collections of the Brooklyn Jewish Arts Gallery and the Miniature Museum of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam.

The natural affinity of music and fine art has rarely ever been expressed as vividly as in the visual imagery created by Perelman, a jazz saxophonist. His music, a form of free jazz, translated itself into the Abstract Expressionism of his painted imagery.

Just as his music evolves out of his liberation from musical convention, his imagery dispenses with traditional artistic conventions and expresses the raw energy, which creates each painting. The intense flows and abrupt breaks of sound, which emerge from his saxophone, are reborn as zigzagging lines of color, splashed on canvas.

The gallery is at 293 Grand Street. For information, www.chicontemporaryfineart.com or 718-218-8939.

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