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Another Term For Bolinsky By John Godin



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To the Editor:

I'm writing this letter to endorse Mitch Bolinsky for re-election as the state representative for the 106th District. Mitch has represented us well during his two terms in Hartford. He's been a proven fiscal conservative, always advocating that our state spend within its financial means. He's a strong supporter for seniors as the ranking member of the Aging Committee at the State House. He's also been endorsed by the CBIA for his support of the business community in the state.

However, what you often don't see about Mitch is the passion he has for his constituents and for the community he serves. He spends tireless hours listening to people in town about the issues that bother them so he can review what, if any, services the state can provide to help. I've seen him spend close to an hour with one constituent on a particular issue. The length of time Mitch spends doesn't matter to him. What he cares about is whether a community member has been heard and whether he can help make their life a little better.

I hope you support Mitch on November 8 so he can serve another term for Newtown.

John Godin

4 Quarry Ridge Road, Sandy Hook         November 2, 2016

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