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Freedom To Choose By Warren Hoppmeyer



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To the Editor:

On Tuesday we are being asked to change our town charter. I encourage everyone to consider voting No to the Charter Revision Question #1. This question will further limit our rights to choose who represents us on the Board of Education. First, I personally do not like any limitation on these boards based on parties. I feel it limits how many people can run and who we may elect. We should be able to elect the best without limitations. Also, because the nominees are from the two parties it prohibits an independent from running. The second reason is simply if the electorate wishes to change the majority party representation it will have to wait until the three-member election. This is because with staggered four-year terms for the four-member and three-member elections, the three-member election year will determine the majority party serving on the B of E. Once this is determined, it cannot be changed [for] four years. Lastly, during the four-member elections, there is likely no reason to even show up to vote. Each partly will get two positions and will only nominate two, so we give up any real completion. This is simply undemocratic. Don't restrict your freedom to choose.

We should be able to chose from the best candidates, who represents us on the B of E and given that it controls almost two-thirds of my tax bill I want the maximum say of who is going to raise my taxes and spend my money. Please consider voting No on Charter Revision Question #1.

Warren Hoppmeyer

23 Cobblers Mill Road, Sandy Hook         November 2, 2016

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