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A New Political Low



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A New Political Low

To the Editor:

How low can the political arena plummet! Pretty low, if you were looking and listening to all the ads…and this applies to both major parties.

What gall for a politician to insult the office of the president of the United States by suggesting he “shove it” when help was offered. What an offensive utterance. I know he could have declined the offer in a more polite manner. Why has the political process descended to such bad behavior?

Winning isn’t everything… Truth, dignity and respect are a few of the pillars of humanism.

All politicians need to look inwardly to review what has transpired these past few months and find the gravitas to set their compasses toward decency and show all of us their mettle.

Paula Stephan

65 Elizabeth Circle, Sandy Hook                           November 1, 2010

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