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NHS Staging ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ This Weekend



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Newtown High School will stage William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream this weekend, November 14 to 17, at the school, 12 Berkshire Road.

The production is student-run. Tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, and $7 for students. It will be staged at 7 pm, November 14 to 16, and at 2 pm on November 17.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream follows two young men and two young women, fairies, and a love quadrangle that only Shakespeare could dream up.

As previously reported, student co-directors Annie Davidow and Sarah Marsh chose the play for its comedic narrative. Annie said the play shows a “different side of Shakespeare” than most people are used to. Both she and Sarah promised a comedic play audiences will enjoy.

Along with the co-directors, production team members are Stage Manager Miles Dievert; Technical Director/ Lighting Designer Bobby Gaffney; Producer Catie Hanna; Costume Design Mackenzie Hughes; Scenic Designer Emilia Koziol ; Technical Director/Construction Head Alix Lewis; Assistant Stage Managers Leah McCafferty and Katie Murphy; Sound Designers Julie Olson and Josh Parsons; Assistant Technical Director Dante Verna; and Props Head Sammy Vertucci. NHS theater and language arts teacher Janice Gabriel is advising the production.

Cast members are Jessica Adair as Hippolyta; Marina Altimari as Snug; Katie Bisset as Quince; Charlotte Cartelli as Helena; Leah Crebbin as Theseus; Will Crebbin as Demetrius; Jonathan Crosby as Philostrate; Lindsay Dievert as Bottom/Music Composition; Liv Doscher as Puck; Joan Gogliettino as Titania; Lizzy Gotschlich as Peaseblossom; Sean Kenny as Oberon; Kristin Lageman as Starveling; Ethan Rivera as Mustardseed; Payge Shaw as First Fairy, Moth, and Second Fairy; Jane Shearin as Hermia; Colton Stergue as Snout; Random Thorflyn as Egeus; James Thorpe as Cobweb and Crew; Nate Wheeler as Lysander; and Zac Ziperstein as Flute.

Run crew members are Bella Battaglia, Painting Assistant Owen Browne, Annika Fogal, Maren Leyva, Claire Nalajala, and Abby McCafferty. Crew members are Eve King, Lily Mindenhall, Treasa O’Sullivan, Luke Ramirez, Wyatt Ruggiero, Valor Sheehan, Lighting Assistant Lily Swansiger, James Thorpe, and Katrin Uhl.

Puck, left, and Oberon — played by Liv Doscher and Sean Kenny — rehearse a scene in NHS’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on November 11. —Bee Photos, Hallabeck
Nate Wheeler and Charlotte Cartelli rehearse a scene as Lysander and Helena, respectively, at a November 11 rehearsal for NHS’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
As Lindsay Dievert as Bottom, left, and Katie Bisset as Quince face-off in a scene from NHS’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, other cast members listen — from left are Zac Ziperstein, Kristin Lageman, Colton Stergue, and Marina Altimari.
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