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Please Slow Down!



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Please Slow Down!

To the Editor,

On Wednesday, November 24, my two daughters left for high school, leaving a little earlier than usual because there was heavy fog and one was meeting a friend to do some test studying. While stopped at the intersection of Route 34 and Pole Bridge, she was struck from behind. I received the phone call every parent of a driving child dreads. Thank God, no one was hurt in either vehicle. The other driver admitted his fault and was very apologetic. His large truck with a plow attachment received no damage. However, we are left dealing with the insurance company, a car with $3,000 in damages in the auto body shop and a rental car.

The reason for my letter is simple. Please Slow Down, Keep A Safe Distance Between Cars And Pay Attention. Not all accidents are by teenagers driving like maniacs. Some yes, but not all. Our teenagers learn by example. How can we expect our teenagers to drive properly and obey the rules of the road when every day they see adults always rushing to work, from work, picking up or dropping off children, talking on cell phones, eating, drinking, putting on make up, reading, etc? We are all guilty of doing this at one time or another, myself included.

While teaching my daughter to drive, I became very aware of my own driving habits. They were not always without fault. My daughter said if, after ten years, all adults had to retake the written and driver’s tests, most would probably fail. Scary thought!

During this time of year, we are rushing even more and have so much on our minds. We are entering the time of year when roads become very hazardous. Please – leave five minutes earlier. Pull over to use your cell phone. Put your makeup on at home. Eat at home. Be very careful as you look at beautifully decorated houses. By following the rules of the road, everyone can have a safe Holiday Season now and continuously throughout the year.

Thank you,

Janis R. Solheim

11 Harvest Common Road, Sandy Hook December 1, 1999

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