Gratitude For Ben's Lighthouse Summer Camp

Published: July 11, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to express sincere gratitude for this particular summer camp being made available to the residents of Newtown. My nephew was spending two weeks' vacation with me and I luckily got the very last spot in this free summer camp. (Ben's Lighthouse.) My nephew was excited to read the flyer and to know he had been enrolled. After his first day at camp he talked for hours about how wonderful it was to experience coding with the Scratch program that the students learned and used. As a shy, quiet child, he was "over the moon" for all the friends he was able to make.

Upon picking him up, the camp counselors and directors were truly courteous and expressed how well-behaved he was. I took some time to tell the directors of that program how grateful I was for his being able to attend. They gave him wonderful souvenirs from Holy Cow Ice Cream, as well as a memento of this mentors' thoughts and wishes for his future.

My nephew has already gone back to Ohio, but has not stopped talking about his time at the camp program and the memories created with his peers and mentor, Charlee. He's actually wishing he had another week here. I am forever grateful that he was able to attend and he is forever enlightened by what he has learned and the experiences he was able to share with everyone in the program.

I have to extend many thanks to the staff and mentors. He values every person he encountered there, and all the kindness that was shown to him.

Best Regards,
Royann Johnson
8 Tilson Lane, Sandy Hook         July 11, 2017

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