Peter Yarrow’s Performance A Highlight Of Flagpole Radio Café Season Finale

Peter Yarrow’s Performance A Highlight Of Flagpole Radio Café Season Finale

By Andrew Gorosko

Folk singer and social activist Peter Yarrow performed music and told stories to an appreciative full house at Edmond Town Hall on the evening of Saturday, May 22. Mr Yarrow was the special guest at the season finale of The Flagpole Radio Café, a variety program sponsored by Newtown Cultural Arts Commission.

Besides Mr Yarrow, the capacity crowd was entertained by The Radio Café Orchestra and The Flagpole Shakespeare Repertory Company.

The Flagpole Radio Café is similar in format to Prairie Home Companion, the popular National Public Radio program broadcast nationally on Saturday nights. The Flagpole performance mixes spirited folk music performed by the orchestra, with some clever comedy performed the repertory group.

Martin Blanco, executive producer of the entertainment series and a member of Newtwon Cultural Arts Commission, said that the May 22 performance marked the close of the group’s second season.

A third season will start in September. The Flagpole organization produces both original music and original comedy for its audience, he said.

Mr Blanco termed Mr Yarrow “a living musical legend” whose performance was very well received by the audience. The event was an “extra special session,” Mr Blanco said. The folk singer received a standing ovation following his performance.

“[Mr Yarrow] was highly engaged with the audience and put on a show as exciting as it was tender,” Mr Blanco said.

Mr Yarrow was a member of the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, a group which rose to national prominence in the early 1960’s. He was a member of that group for 49 years. The group recorded hits including “Puff The Magic Dragon,” “Day Is Done,” :Light One Candle” and “The Great Mandala.”

During the past decade, Mr Yarrow has headed an educational non-profit organization which he founded known as Operation Respect.

The Flagpole performances make for “a wonderful community experience,” Mr Blanco said.

The May 22 performance of The Flagpole Radio Café will be shown on Charter Communications’ public access cable television channel. The audio portion of the program also will be broadcast on WPKN (89.5 FM).