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In Support Of Pizzaland



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In Support Of Pizzaland

To the Editor:

Recently there has been a tremendous amount of media coverage regarding a health-related incident at McGowan’s Pizzaland Restaurant in Monroe. Fortunately, it looks as though everyone is okay and the restaurant will be reopening soon. If there is an upside to this situation it is that the conditions that must be met in order to reopen will be under such intense scrutiny that McGowan’s will be among the most immaculate dining establishments in Connecticut.

My question to the media is this: Where have you been for the last 24 years? The McGowan family has been serving the public at this location seven days a week since 1979. Helen, Deidre, Larry, and Scott are known for providing quality food, beverage, and service at a reasonable price in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. During this time they have served over three million guests and have donated thousands of pizzas to local schools and charities. A few years ago McGowan’s was voted “Best Pizza in Fairfield County” in a reader’s poll conducted by the Fairfield County Advocate. The McGowans exemplify American small business –– they work hard and treat people well.

It is unfortunate that the media chooses to focus on negative events. The enduring success of this family business operated by a great family born and raised in Monroe would make a great human interest story.

I have spoken with many of the McGowan’s “regulars” and we are all looking forward to returning as soon as the doors open.

Tim Reilly

94 Mountain View Drive, Newtown                      December 28, 2003

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