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Good news and bad news this week.



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Good news and bad news this week.

The good news is, after two weeks of our most recent challenge (inset) we finally heard from someone who recognized the shed with metal flowers affixed to its side. Carole Ando was the one person who called with the correct address.

The bad news is, according to Carole, two of the three petals have fallen off the side of the shed. It must have happened very recently, considering the photo was taken within the past month. We’re sorry to the owners of the Brushy Hill Road property where these can be found. Hope the flowers will return in the spring.

This week to welcome the new year we offer a new challenge with a bonus. If you think you know where it is, give us a call. The first five callers with the correct answer will win a Bee’s Buck (one US dollar).

The fourth person to correctly identify the location of this photo will receive an additional $21, representing the unclaimed Bee’s Bucks from December.

No calls will be accepted prior to 2 pm on Friday or after 10 am the following Wednesday. Only one winner per family per week.

Our number is 203-426-3141. Good luck.

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