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Newtown Veterinary Specialists: ‘The Avengers Of Pet Medicine’



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To the Editor:

I wanted to first of all say that Newtown is already a wonderful place. Everything is so nice. But even after that, I wanted to specifically praise Newtown for the wonderful men and women that work at Newtown Veterinary Specialists.

They have not once, but twice, saved my cherished pet (Maxine, kitty) from the brink of death. I am happily looking at her right now. Her sweet life is now able to continue. I can pick her up and hold her. I am so happy.

Last Sunday (the 24th) I had made the painful decision to put her down. I cried my eyes out, spoke with family members, but finally decided to give her another day. She rallied, her blood work kept improving, and now — she’s back home!

I can’t say “thank you” enough to the staff at NVS... particularly Dr Adam Porter, whose bedside manner (over the phone, due to coronavirus) is exceptional. He exudes confidence, and he healed my baby. Thanks Dr Porter!

I can’t say enough about NVS. If you are afraid of losing a loved one (dog/cat/kangaroo..?) don’t hesitate to call. The are like the Avengers of pet medicine. They are the Fantastic Four. (Okay, Fantastic Forty.)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you NVS.

Dave Merton

Old Town Park Road, New Milford February 5, 2021

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  1. timmcg1011 says:

    I am very sorry for the loss of your pet and am genuinely glad you had a good experience there. My experiences however with NVS have been nothing short of awful. Their fees are above any other emergency clinic I’ve gone to and on more than one occasion I was sent additional bills for tests done AFTER the fact. Tests that I was unaware they did. When I went in to discuss the bill the manager didn’t have the time to talk to me (twice) and had the receptionist deal with me instead. Very unprofessional. I am not trying to dismiss your appreciation for them, but felt I had to post something. I will not use them again in the future.

    1. inconstanti14 says:

      It’s upsetting that is article came from a place of love and appreciation, and someone has to go and comment like this is a Yelp review ! If you feel this way about NVS, you should have posted your own story along time ago. THIS post was supposed to be for the employees there that dedicated their all to helping this pet, and they couldn’t even have that time to shine ! I bet half the people who come to wouldn’t last one day or even an hour doing what they do and dealing with the people they deal with all while being in high stress situations and keeping a smile. It’s a shame that a loving post had to have someone negative feel the need to comment. That’s like standing up at someone’s funeral after a nice speech and saying how you actually didn’t like that person and listing reasons why. Time and a place buddy ! Very distasteful!

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