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Firecrackers: Offensive players: Katie Ryan and Ashley Hammonds. Defensive players: Kelsey Pearson and Juliette Cryder.

Ferocious Sunflowers: Offensive players: Sarah Widmann and Anna Cartelli. Defensive players: Jenna Gonski and Claire Dubois.

Blue Monkeys: Offensive players: Carly Carpenter and Kaley Meisenhiemer. Defensive players: Jackie Matthews and Shawna Tucker.

Celtics: Offensive players: Liza Gentrup and Niki Dapra. Defensive players: Olivia Grant and Taylor McPadden.

Purple People Eaters: Offensive players: Sam Bicho and Ashley Solomon. Defensive players: Kristen Cirone and Savanah Lafferierre.

Cheese Doodles: Offensive players: Katie Dirga and Kim “Smooth” Buttery. Defensive players: Jenna “Crunchy” Lavell and Laura Wong.



H2O 18, Crazy Bananas 13: For H2O, Ashley Santore and Lucy Draper led the offense while Larkin Huffman and Julia Anderson were tough on defense. For the Bananas, Cory Mangold and Jemma Petit played well on offense while Danielle Powell and Kira Smith were strong on defense.

Dark Sharks 21, Hot Tamales 8: For the Sharks, Sarah Britton led the offense while Jackie Gouveia and Julia Haskins were aggressive on defense. For the Tamales, Ava Petrellese and Sarah Dowling provided theo ffense while Olivia Hage and Danni Otero were strong on defense.

Orange Crush 8, Jolly Ranchers 2: For the Crush, Haley Harkins and Erin Burns provided the offense while Marcella Daily and Sarah Lindell were aggressive on defense. For the Ranchers, Elizabeth Weisgerber and Abigail Pereira led the offense while Heather Azzarito was strong on defense.

Grade 5

Westport 24, Newtown 23: Megan Goyda scored 10 points in the effort. Kamdynn Moroney, Allie Indelicato, Nikki Zaccaro, Jillian Pieretti, and Meghan Doyle all points on the board.

 Newtown 15, Old Saybrook 13: Oylivia Shaw led the way with 7 points. Megan Goyda scored 4, and Jillian Piertti and Meghan Doyle each put in a basket to help seal the win. Haley Conrad and Jessica Maturo played great defense and forced Old Saybrook into many of their turnovers. 

Grade 6

Newtown 35, Stamford 30: In a league match, Newtown went into overtime to earn the victory. Alana Murray, Haley Ryan , Caitlin Linden, and Casey Harkins kept the quick opponents from driving to the basket to change the game. Lauren Wilcox and Ryan led all scorers, combining for 29 points.

Newtown 37, Norwalk 36: Newtown had excellent defense from Katie Reilly, Kelly Merrick, Maren Brady, and Lindsey Hoyt. Katie Mossbarger and Haley Ryan controlled the offense. Casey Harkins set some screens, allowing her teammates to get to the basket. Lauren Wilcox played well on offense.


Grade 2

Orange Crush: Jared Dunn, Jack Street and Luke Hannan sliced through the defense during their first 5-on-5 experience, while Jack Stenz, Tucker Depuy, Sean Roche, and William Archiere cleaned the boards and stuffed the lane.

Grade 3

Slimers vs Red Heat: Thomas Hartley, Connor Hughes and Jonathan Nahmias led the way for the potent Slimer offense, while Matt Blanco, Luke Sansonetti and Jack Swanson dominated the boards and shut down the opposition. The Red Heat played a great all around game led by Ryan Burns, Logan Flynn and Andrew Gardner on offense. Bobby Elston, Carter McCleary and Danny Schreiber led the defense.

Mighty Squirrels vs Golden Retrievers: The Mighty Squirrels adapted exceptionally well to the 5-on-5 format. The entire team came together with an exciting end-to-end game. Harry Lucas, Timmy McCarthy and Harvey Long demonstrated strong offensive skills. Jacob Clements, James Schumacher, and Alex Wong showed how to play effective, aggressive defense.

Magic vs Ghostbusters: The Magic offense was ignited by Mark Leonardi, Ayden Kasbarian and Charlie Asetta. The tenacious defensive effort was directed by Michael Sheridan and Griffin Cross. The Ghostbusters were led by Jimmy Davies, Tyler Clure and Timmy Davis on offense. Defensively, David Plouff,  Tommy Murray and Matt Dubois led the way.

Grade 4 Bantam

Fire Dragons  25, Sky Hawks 14: Ryan Escoda and Aidan Ford combined for 13 points. Christian Lestik had 3 assists while Jack Ciaramello had 4 steals and Adam Wolff had 7 rebounds. For the Sky Hawks, Matt Principi had 6 points while Wally Skrelja had 4 assists and Dwyer Grimes had 4 steals. Thomas Skrelja pulled down 12 rebounds.     

Fire Dragons 36, Dark Knights  20: Adam Wolff and Jack Vaughan combined for 16 points for the Dragons. Ryan Escoda had 3 assists while Robert Murray had 7 boards and Aidan Ford had 4 steals.  For the Knights, Cameron Champagne had 8 points while Doug Carriero had 5 steals, Anthony Isabella  had 4 assists and Chris Daubert  had 6 rebounds.

Huskies 18, Newtown Thrill 17: For the Huskies, Adam Farley had 6 points. Owen Walsh had  4 assists, Tom Fitzgerald  led the defense and Andrew DeLuca had 7 rebounds. Ryan Patrick and Jack Buchler combined for 10 points for the Thrill. Josh Dunn had 4 assists, Bobby Ward had 5 steals, and Ethan Aug played an outstanding defensive game.   

Panthers 26, Bullsharks 16: The Panthers  were led on offense by Silas Decker who had 8 points. Rick Mariani had 3 assists, Teddy Wojcik had 5 steals and Liam Jones had 6 rebounds. The Bullsharks were led by Tim Shaw with 8 points. Michael Arther had 4 assists, James Heron had 3 steals and James Hobar had 6 rebounds.

Hotshots 23, Wildcats 17: The Hotshots were led by Matt Sadowski and Ryan Williams who combined for 14 points. Evan Eggleston had 4 assists while Cole Demirjian had 5 steals and Jermaine Anyoha had 6 rebounds. Greg Brissette and Marc Carlson each had 6 points for the Wildcats. Jacob Duffy had 4  assists, Tristan Crone had 3 steals and Jack Murray had 6 boards.

Grade 5

Blues Brothers 20, Tigers 10: The Blues Brothers broke out to a quick 8-0 lead, led by Nicholas Lametto, the offensive player of the game; the third time this season he’s earned that honor. He finished with 10 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals. Will Huegi played a great game as well, garnishing 6 points with 4 rebounds and 3 more steals. Peter Clifford played great defense with 5 steals and 2 rebounds and he also chipped in 4 points. Ben Marini was a force under the boards with 3 blocked shots, earning him defensive player of the game for the second time this season. Robert Lombardo was 1-for-2 from the free throw line and added a layup. His brother, Nicolas was a good team player dishing out a pair of assists. Bradley Capeci and Thomas Stanczyk completed the scoring for the Brothers with 2 points each.  Austin Kasbarian led the Tigers’ scoring with 11 points, Quinlan Hart was strong underneath with 6 rebounds and Gregg Trimarchi played aggressive defense with 4 steals.

Destiny 22, March Madness 21: The Destiny had an 11-0 run in the fourth quarter to win by 3 points. The players exhibited tremendous teamwork by passing the ball unselfishly, which allowed the team to come back and win the game. We pressed very hard to cause turnovers which allowed us to preserver and win the game. For March Madness, Connery Mayer led the offensive charge, Robert Hutchins and Elliott Bennett were beasts the boards. Taylor Koonz put forth a superlative defensive effort, and Jordan Klein played a great floor game setting up teammates for a number of open shots.

The Green Monsters 39, Blue Devils 10: Henry Primavera was the high-scorer with 15 points and Gino Pagliaro had 10 points. Jacob Steinebrey had 10 assists and 6 points and Parker Johnson had 6 steals. Matt Kugler had 4 points. The Blue Devils’ offense was led by William LeMay with 4 points and Evan Kohlsaat and Matthew Krasnickas played an aggressive game, adding 2 points, 2 rebounds, and a steal each. Defensively, the Devils were led by Justin Gillespie and Ryan Norton.

Lightning 28, Dawgs 8: The yellow-bolt squad continued its winning ways Saturday with another strong team effort. In a three-pronged scoring attack, Steven Moccio, Kevin Arther and Michael Liberante contributed 6, 8, and 10 points respectively. This electric trio also combined for 10 steals, 6 boards, and 2 assists. RH Clark and Bradley Wiseman rounded out the scoring with a bucket each while Alex Hess and Matthew Frazzetta applied relentless pressure on defens. Completing the team effort, Joey Conrod and Philip Coffey combined for 5 steals, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The Dawgs’ offense was led by Peter DeBona and Ryan Marusi. The defensive charge was led by Colin Villamana and Matthew Kretz.

Grade 6

Redding 42, Newtown Gold 41: In one of its most competitive games of the year, Newtown played well, but could not hold onto a 9 point second-quarter lead. Ryan Shaw led the way with 12 points and 11 rebounds. Tim VanderHave added 9 points, while Matt Maturo had 7 points and 6 boards. Matt Elias drove hard to the basket and scored 6 points, and Kieran Lynch had 2 steals to go along with 4 points. Geoff Santore had several steals in transition.

Trumbull 46 Newtown Gold 36: For three quarters, Newtown looked like it was going to avenge a December defeat to Trumbull. However, a 12 point lead evaporated and Trumbull pulled away for the victory. Ryan Shaw had another double-double, with 12 points and 12 rebounds. Mason Melillo added 9 points, scoring from long range and in close. Alex Gerbo had 4 points and controlled the defensive boards with 8 rebounds. James Frazzetta netted 4 points and blocked 2 shots. Austin LeBlanc had several assists on the fast break.

East Haven 63, Newtown 53: Jared Pearson fought hard under the boards, scoring 15. Dillon Palumbo scored 9 and Josh Houle scored 8 both hitting there outside shots well. Devin Luzietti and Jamie Cochrane scored 5 points each while playing great defense against an undefeated team.

New Milford 51, Newtown 49: Ethan Carpenter had the hot hand, scoring 14 points. Jared Pearson and Andrew Svanda rebounded well, scoring 7 points each. Matt Gerics scored 6, while Michael Doyle had 10 assists and 2 points.

Juniors (grades 7-8)

Nuggets 48, Wolfpack 32: For the Nuggets, Wesley Morlock was the high scorer with 20 points followed by Carl Whippie with 6 points. Brenden Peterson and Harry Duffy were the Defensive Stars and Andrew Cragin was the rebound leader. Close game in first half then Nuggets used great press to take and hold lead against tough opponents. For the Wolfpack, Virgil Procaccini was the high scorer with 12 points. Danny Romeo was the assist leader and Aiden Petershack the rebound leader.

Magic 40, Celtics 38: For the Magic, Riley Cross was the high scorer with 19 pints, followed by John Eron with 6 points. Garrison Buzzicano was the assist leader, Colin Morrissey the defensive star and Darryl Silverlieb the rebound leader. Jared Tananbaum and Sean McCaffery played strong defense. For the Celtics, Tim Kelly was the high scorer with 13 points, followed by Albert Dean with 9 points. Trevor Lopez was the assist leader and Matt Baldino the defensive star. 

Cavs 35, Thunder 31: For the Cavs, Drew Tarantino was the high scorer with 18 points. Luke Rustici and Nick Norbert helped with 8 points a piece. William Swain and Matt Wood played well. For the Thunder, Grant Ricketts was the high scorer with 13 points. Wiley Zahansky was the assist leader, Nick Lotrecchiano was the defensive star and Doug Miller was the rebound leader.

Magic 37, Eagles 36: For the Magic, Riley Cross was the high scorer with 14 points, followed by Garrizon Buzzanca with 9 points. Bobby Schreiber was the assist leader, Mitchell Steward was the defensive star and Darryl Silverleib was the rebound leader. Colin Morrissey, Jared Tananbaum and Sean McCafferty played solid defense. For the Eagles, Julian Dunn was the high scorer with 18 points. Ryan Sullivan was the assist leader, Sean Kemsley the defensive star and Pat Pierce the rebound leader.   

Jazz 44, Wildcats 33: For the Jazz, Otto Kerler was the high scorer with 22 points, followed by Austin Raftery with 9 points. Jack Corbett was the assist leader, Sawyer Conrad the defensive star and Austin Raftery the rebound leader. Curtis Giles played tight defense. For the Wildcats, Patrick Berger was the high scorer with 11 points. Kaj Djonne was the assist leader and defensive star. Bobby Silver was the rebound leader. Austin Babyak played well on both ends. 

Huskies 40, Heat 23: For the Huskies, Owen Gaston was the high scorer with 13 points. Chris Carroll was the assist leader, Bryce Decker the defensive star and Cameron Patrick the rebound leader. For the Heat, Matt White was the high scorer with 6 points. Brad Kretz was the defensive star and Jeff Peterson was the rebound leader.

Bricklayers 40, Runnin Rebels 30: For the Bricklayers, Patrick Afriyie was the high scorer with 14 points. Jimmy Widmann was the assist leader. Jaret DeVellis had an outstanding game. For the Runnin Rebels, Colin Post was the high scorer with 11 points. Shane Quimby was the assist leader, Jacob Moore the defensive star and Mason Galanis the rebound leader. 

Hammerheads 36, Wizards 30: For the Hammerheads, Ryan Szalay was the high scorer with 14 points. Spencer Brindley was the assist leader, Will Dalton the defensive star and Mike Davenport the rebound leader. Andy DeWolfe had a great all around game. For the Wizards, Nick Swenson was the high scorer with 13 points. Alec Beauchemin was the assist leader, Mike Unschuld the defensive star and Deegan Beauchemin the rebound leader.

X-Men 41, Vipers 40: For the X-Men, Tom Floros and Greg LaRussa were high scorers with 20 points combined. Brennan O’Sullivan was the defensive star and Michael Dinelli and David Csordas were the rebound leaders. For the Vipers, Shay DeMarche was the high scorer with 16 points, followed by Stephen Walsh with 15 points. Ryan Whitton was the defensive star.

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