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Police Commission Delays Streetscape Meeting



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The Police Commission, which had planned to hold a public information and discussion session on the Main Street Streetscape Concept on March 7, has delayed the streetscape session. The date, time, and location of the streetscape meeting, which likely will be held in early April, will be announced.

The privately funded streetscape study suggests a variety of pedestrian, traffic, and parking enhancements for the section of Main Street lying between Newtown General Store and C.H. Booth Library.

After public comments are received at the upcoming streetscape session, Police Commission members, who serve as the local traffic authority, would decide whether to endorse the streetscape proposal. If it is endorsed, the conceptual plan would be presented to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) for review.

The Police Commission is in ongoing talks with the DOT on how Main Street and the flagpole intersection there can be modified to improve public safety. Main Street is a state road and thus the DOT has control over any changes made there.

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