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Abraham & Isaac, In Words & Music



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Abraham & Isaac, In Words & Music

Fiona Smith Sutherland and Jack Gilpin will lead a special class on the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac on Sunday, March 6, at Trinity Episcopal Church. The program will begin at 10 am and will finish in time for Trinity’s regular 11:15 worship service.

All are invited to enjoy a musical performance of a work by Benjamin Britten, to be accompanied by a narration of the story in which God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

Composed in 1952, Britten adapted the words of his “Canticle II: Abraham & Isaac” not from any authorized version of the Bible, but from a medieval text from one of the Chester Miracle Plays. This brings a more Christian image of the story, for example Abraham singing that his “heart breaketh in three.”

Composed for two voices and piano, the performance Sunday morning will features Gordon Jones, tenor, who will be the voice of Abraham, and Michael Doran, countertenor or male alto, to be that of Isaac. Singing in rhythmic unison, the men together also portray the other-worldly sound of the voice of God.

Fiona Smith Sutherland, Trinity’s minister of music, will accompany and lead the work, with Jack Gilpin discussing the scriptural significance. Reservations are not needed. Trinity Episcopal Church is at 36 Main Street (203-426-9070).

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