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In Memoriam: Joanne Louise McAvoy



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Joanne Louise McAvoy

Patricia Ann McAvoy

March 18, 1970

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  1. jack says:

    My name is Jack McAvoy, older brother of Joanne and Patricia McAvoy who lost their lives in an automobile accident 50 years ago on the date above. I wonder if any readers still remember two of the most wonderful sisters a brother could ever have, and I’ll bet two of the nicest friends one could ever know. Joanne was 17, Patricia 15. I can’t thank the Bee enough for posting this In Memoriam. As a regular reader of the “Way We Were” feature from my home in Pennsylvania, I wondered if any mention would be made of the accident as the sad anniversary approached. It was not (so far anyway), and I totally understood because that’s probably not the place to recount such a tragic event. And then . . . then I clicked on Obituaries and saw that the precious memory of these dear girls is still alive in their hometown thanks to this newspaper with a heart. I am so moved. If anyone knew them, you would understand why. On the chance that a former classmate/friend might want to visit their grave site, they are interred in St. Rose Cemetery very close to the entrance. Take the road to the right just a little way and you’ll find the headstone close to the road. If anyone reads this and remembers, I thank you for any kindness you might have ever done for them. Chances are they were kind to you as well. That’s the way they always were. RIP, Joanne and Patricia. I love you both.

  2. laura1951 says:

    Hi Jack, I just read your touching, heartfelt wring about Joanne and Patricia. My name is Laura Schiller Mackay. I went to Immaculate with Joanne and Patricia. I lived in Newtown and Joanne , Patricia and I rode the bus together. Joanne and I were close friends. She often stayed overnight at my home. I remember my Mom telling us to stop giggling and go to sleep. Jack I would love to talk with you. I remember that day so vividly. It would be so nice if we could talk and share our love of Joanne and Patricia. This is my number if you would like to talk, 541 324-6582. Jack, hoping to hear from you. Laura Schiller Mackay

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