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Melillo Announces Departure To Darien



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Just two weeks before a referendum on a proposed 2024-25 school and municipal budget, Superintendent of Schools Chris Melillo has announced he is leaving his position in Newtown.

He has taken a new position, being appointed as the next principal of Ox Ridge Elementary School in Darien during the April 10 Darien Board of Education meeting.

Melillo will be leaving his position as Superintendent on June 30, following the end of the school year.

Darien Superintendent of Schools Dr Alan Addley announced Wednesday night that he was naming “a colleague” to the position, the superintendent of Newtown Schools, and that Melillo would be “returning to his roots as an elementary school principal.”

“He brings a wealth of experience pre-K through K, through graduate,” Addley said.

Melillo thanked the Darien Board for the appointment.

“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and doing the work,” said Melillo. “Fostering a thriving educational environment for our students, for our families, for our staff, for our faculty. I can’t wait to hit the ground and start running.”

In a letter to the Newtown community issued shortly after the meeting in Darien, Melillo stated that it was “with mixed emotions” that he was resigning.

“I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the entire community for your support and collaboration; it has been a privilege serving as your superintendent,” his statement said in part. “Together, we have worked tirelessly to advance the educational goals of our district and ensure that every student receives the quality education they deserve.”

Melillo expressed pride in the progress the district made during his tenure, noting “innovative programs” that were implemented.

Melillo came to Newtown in June 2022; he was previously an assistant superintendent in Hamden.

Board of Education Chairman Alison Plante this morning released a statement expressing her appreciation for Melillo’s service to the students and staff of Newtown schools, and his “impassioned advocacy for our budget ahead of the upcoming referendum.”

“His unique contributions helped focus the District on teaching and learning, which has directly benefited our students and educational community,” stated Plante. “We wish him the very best in his future endeavors. As a Board, we are committed to partnering with Mr Melillo to ensure a smooth transition over the coming months.”


Editor Jim Taylor can be reached at jim@thebee.com.

Newtown Superintendent of Schools Chris Melillo has surprised many in town by announcing his resignation. He will finish the 2023-24 academic year with Newtown, and then take a position as an elementary school principal in Darien. —Bee file photo
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  1. brookfeildparent says:

    Intending to keep it kind, but curious, he was there for 2 years after continued upward career progression, and announces this move after a mid-year performance review: Is there a backstory?

    Performance or fit concerns on either side. We have Superintendent issues in Brookfield. We could use similar news.

  2. qstorm says:

    The superintendent merry-go-round continues. They come. They go We pay. And pay. And pay.

  3. bw.reloconsult@snet.net says:

    I’m wondering how long any of us would have stayed after the “Ban the Book” crusade, the Ban the Mask crusade, the Political crusade that our schools are terrible, the cut the budget crusade, it would be nice to see a ‘Support our schools are Great Crusade.

    1. joeynewt says:

      There was no “book ban”, just concern that underaged students had access to a few pages of pornograghic images. And why would you want to mask the kids for an alleged virus that had a 99.9% survival rate? No one is “cutting the budget”, just cutting the proposed increase. C’mon Bruce

    2. voter says:

      or maybe ‘Ban the Wrongthink’ crusade. You’ll have a lot of signatures on that petition. Far too many people in town question the policies that are clearly instituted for their own good.

      1. qstorm says:

        ‘for their own good’? When the small but loud groups run amok and the government and the media supports them where can you turn?

  4. rodneymunos says:

    The entire budget needs to be cut not raised. The proposed budget now would sit that we spend $2.65 million dollars every week. For population of less than 30k people it is absolutely absurd ! You cannot keep driving older folks out of town just to create a revolving door of parents who come here, educate their kids and run away ! There is no need to be paying 190K annual salary to an ASSISTANT to superintendent, not in the best interest of tax payers ! The voting turnout at 9% is ridiculous ! Lobby lawmakers to change the voting by mail, so everyone gets a ballot in the mail and at least 51% of residents vote to approve, otherwise the budget should not be approved if you don’t have the majority ! Most folks don’t even know when the vote is ! They have taxes bundled with mortgage and don’t even know ! We are raising cost of living for everyone and it is absolutely not necessary.

  5. rodneymunos says:

    Any common sensical person can do this job at under 100k salary. Way overhyped and overpaid at over $200k annual salary. We as voters have to put an end to this. Not to mention an assistant comes along with this job paid at 190k! What is wrong with you voters?

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