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Police Conclude NHS Threat Investigation



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Following their criminal investigation into , police have concluded that that no criminal activity occurred and thus will make no arrests, Police Chief Michael Kehoe said.a reported threat of violence against Newtown High School

Chief Kehoe said April 29 that police conducted interviews with six people in determining that no criminal activity happened in connection with the reported threat. School Resource Officer Scott Smith was the lead investigator in the case.

Chief Kehoe commended the actions of some unidentified NHS students who initially reported to school officials what they had heard other students saying, considering those comments to be threatening to the school.

On April 20, police said they were investigating a reported threat of violence against the school. The particular nature of that threat remains unclear.

Police took steps to prevent any violent incident from occurring at the school and increased their visibility there during April 20 as a deterrent, police said that day.

Police learned of the threat on the morning of Friday, April 17. Local schools were not in session from April 13 through 17, as that week was a spring vacation.

The subjects of the police probe were NHS students who are under age 18, complicating the investigation for police because those people are considered to be minors under the law.

Police said last week they were working closely with school administrators to ensure that the potential for violence at the school is removed.

Chief Kehoe said April 27 that an e-mail message issued by NHS Principal Lorie Rodrigue described the threat situation well.

In that April 20 e-mail, which was sent to the parents and guardians of NHS students and was posted on the high school’s Facebook social media page, Ms Rodrigue wrote, “I wanted to update you on an issue that occurred over the spring break that was brought to the attention of the Newtown Police and Newtown High School security.

“Rumors about a potential safety threat to the high school were investigated and found to be unwarranted,” she wrote.

“When a group of students were overheard discussing issues that had the potential to impact school safety, concerned students (who we applaud), made sure that this information was reviewed by local authorities,” Ms Rodrigue added.

“We want to assure you that we are confident that staff and students are safe at Newtown High School,” she said.

“In the future, I want to commend and encourage any student who brings forward information that continues to contribute to the safety, security, and welfare of all members of our school community,” Ms Rodrigue wrote.

The school system has instituted a detailed set of security measures for the schools following the December 14, 2012, shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Newtown Police Department will be taking a no-excuses approach to seatbelt law enforcement, writing citations day and night, during the current Click It Or Ticket seatbelt use campaign.
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