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Police Seek Owner of Loaded Ammunition Clip



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Police said April 30 they are seeking the owner of an ammunition clip, which was found lying on the ground outdoors in a parking lot near Sandy Hook Diner at 98 Church Hill Road in Sandy Hook Center on the morning of April 23.

Police said the clip, which is designed for a Glock semiautomatic 9-millimeter handgun, contained some rounds of ammunition, but did not disclose how many rounds the clip held. State law limits to ten rounds the number of shells that a civilian can have within a clip, which also is known as a magazine. Full-size 9-millimeter handguns typically can hold between 15 and 17 rounds within a clip.

Police spokesman Aaron Bahamonde said that as of the morning of April 30, police had received no calls from anyone seeking a lost ammunition clip. A diner patron found the clip, reporting its finding to police at about 7:20 am on April 23.

Police are holding the clip for safekeeping. The owner of the found item may retrieve it by contacting investigating Officer Fernando Pereira, concerning Case 2019-10379, at the police station at 3 Main Street, telephone 203-426-5841.

Newtown Police Department is reporting that during the three-month period of November 2014 through January 2015, there were 19 local burglaries reported to police.
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