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Reed’s ‘James And The Giant Peach Jr’ To Be Staged This Weekend



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Reed Intermediate School’s musical James and the Giant Peach Jr, will be staged this weekend, May 3 and 4, at the school, 3 Trades Lane.

The musical is based on Roald Dahl’s book James and the Giant Peach. The musical will be staged for audiences Friday, May 3, at 7 pm, and Saturday, May 4, at 6 pm. All tickets are $10 and will be available to purchase at the door. Tickets are also available to purchase online at showtix4u.com by searching for “Reed Intermediate School Drama Club.”

The following are the production, cast, and crew lists as supplied by the school.

The production’s producers and directors are Twyla Hafermann and Stacey Coelho. The musical director is Sue Vogelman; choreography was overseen by Stacey Coelho and Twyla Hafermann; the production supervisor is Michelle Hiscavich; crew coordinator is Morgan Danuszar; set design is Michelle Ginand; peach construction was overseen by Eric Abbott; puppet design by Michelle Ginand; makeup design by Belle Phelps; set painting by Michelle Ginand, Ryan Knaggs, Angela Choniski, Tracy McManus, and Erin Siksay; painting supervisor is Erin Siksay; parent volunteer coordinator is Valerie Lugo; costume coordinator is Sarah Goldie; costume crew is Jenn Padilla, Kristen Kinsey, Erin Siksay, and Nancy White; props coordinator is Julie Mauri; props crew members are Liz Snowden, Michelle Ginand, Erin Siksay, and Kelly Guglio; audition committee members are Sharon Vetrano, Michelle Tennenbaum, and Sue Vogelman; T-shirt and program cover design by Travis Durrwachter;

T-shirt coordinating: Kim Hettenbach, Heather Chappa, and Julie Laughlin; program by Heather Barr; ticket sales supervisor is Sue Vogelman; photos by Kelly Guglio and Katherine Kordik; the photo board was made by Michelle Ginand; rehearsal supervisors are Jenn Padilla, Kristen Kinsey, Bonnie Litke, Dee Holland, and Valorie Lugo.

Cast Members for James and the Giant Peach Jr are Creeley Abbott, Lola Kessler, Allie Kinsey, Victoria Kordik, Kris Luci-Bernard, Brian Sibley, Sofia Talluto, Stephen Sibley, Grace Zulli, Theo Anderson, Jessica Chevalier, Lukas Durrwachter, Emilee Ferguson, Morgana Goldie, Isabella Graicerstein, Mary Guion, Corynn Hettenbach, Rebecca Holland, Maddie Jones, Abigail Manka, Jaclyn Mauri, Leah Morris, Olivia Muir, Lillian Padilla, Bennett Quinn, Ella Grace Renak, Cole Sgagliardich, Grace Snowden, Kate Velsmid, Cameron Barr, Katherine Bottone, Samuel Giuggio, Leah Laughlin, Rheya Litke, Olivia Lugo, Morgan Neff, Amanda Reyes, Jazelle Ribeino, Audrey Srebotnik, Meghan Bailey, Gracie Ballard, Maddie Ford, Grace Kase, Lucy Sgagliardich, Raiha Siddiquee, Emma Chappa, Isabella DaSilva, Katelyn Dellacorte, Matiya Kouassi, Amaya Medina, Amelis Medina, Elle Musen, Mackenzie Penrod, Elizabeth Stevenson, Loren Thebodo, Michayl Wilford, Alison Cocchiola, Isabel Gietz, Lilah Hage, Ashley Jackson, Natalie McLean, Addison Plummer, Lilly Plummer, Ellie Prud’homme, Lily Tullis, Violet Assante-LaBash, Sophia Baroody, Simon Corcoran, James D’Amico, Logan Dryer, Mia Kapur, Jason Voegeli, and Logan White.

Running crew members are Newtown High School Stage Manager Miles Dievert; Reed Stage Manager/music Sam Olson; Reed Assistant Stage Manager Jonathan DaSilva; lighting by Bobby Gaffney; spot by Alix Lewis; sound board by Phoebe Mack; music overseen by Sam Olson; mics handling by Tim White and Sarah Marsh; the backstage set crew members are Jonathan DaSilva, Liam D’Aquino, Daniel Foack , Aaron Bowman, Jacob Wallenta, and John Barzetti; props by Olivia Bossie-Dotolo and Juliana Kwap; makeup by Belle Phelps, Jenn Padilla, and Kristin Kinsey; dressers are Rebecca Markowsky, Hailey Avari, Madeleine Talluto, Brooke Kinsey, Jenn Padilla, Kristin Kinsey, and Sarah Goldie; backstage supervisors are Robert Sibley, Bonnie Litke, Melinda Kordik, Caylee Ribeiro, Lorena Jackson, Kerrin Hage, and Kelsey Danuszar; front of house crew members are Siddesh Saravan, Connor Monaghan, Carson Bennett, Lyla Kopp, Jen DeMassa, and Saige Koellmer; paint crew members are Jacob Wallenta, Tatum Patti, Josh Prud’homme, Eva Lestik, Aubrianna Hintze, Cassidy Delpozo, Caroline Delpozo, Ben Fitzgerald, Annika Vansickle, Rachel Kraus, Faelinn Okane, Isabella Rodgers, Alicia Ligouri, Sophie Beasley, Van Heim-Sherwood, Mia Camputo, Sueha Chowdhury, Alexandra Siksay, Olivia Charran, Brendan Buckley, Ella Christensen, and Katherine Allen; and the puppet making crew members are Anuhya Pamulapati, Maya Chaudhary, Sammie Fossum, Ella Viau, Tallulah Daly, Amy Guerin, Olivia Decatur, Grace Newsom, Maggie Mattera, Summer Wilson, Sofia Escalera, and Keira Baillargeon.

Reed Intermediate School students, from left, Creeley Abbott, Grace Zulli, Lola Kessler, Brian Sibley, and Kris Luci-Bernard “float” along the Reed Intermediate School stage on a constructed peach during an April 25 rehearsal for the school’s musical. (Bee Photos, Hallabeck)
Reed Intermediate School students Allie Kinsey, left, and Victoria Kordik toast while singing a song during an April 25 rehearsal for James and the Giant Peach Jr.
“Seagulls” flock together on Reed Intermediate School’s cafetorium stage on April 25 during a rehearsal for the school’s musical.
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