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Support Federal

Alzheimer’s Legislation

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage our elected representatives to support the current Alzheimer’s legislation being introduced in Washington, D.C., and to encourage all that read my letter to take the same action! My personal experience with this horrid disease includes the slow and painful loss of my mother’s ability to remember who I was. Up until the time I was made aware of her diagnosis, I was ignorant of the fact that Alzheimer’s actually takes your life, after stripping you of the ability to remember, then to function with any sort of dignity, and then ultimately shuts down the autonomic function of breath. In short, it kills you.

We still, in this day of countless medical marvels, are unable to predict with any confidence, delay with any assuredness, or in any way cure this plague on humanity! Alzheimer’s knows no boundaries; it doesn’t care if you are a conservative, black, liberal, white, independent, yellow, man or a woman! Its only possible consideration is for your age. But it has more recently decided to afflict younger and younger victims. So be aware that it is not just an “old timer’s” disease!

In her honor and memory, I recently became involved in advocating for Alzheimer’s victims through several different avenues. I visited all of my congressional reps in Washington, D.C. With some great coaching and education from the Alzheimer’s Association and my determination to make a change in the way we are currently grossly underfunding research on this abomination, little old “one vote” me shared numbers that shocked all! The single biggest impact that our representatives react to is personal contact from their constituents! Please contact your representative and ask them to support and vote for the following bills.

HR 1897 — Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act — a bill that requires a federal commitment to accelerating treatments that will prevent, cure, or slow the progression of the disease

S 738/HR 1386 — HOPE for Alzheimer’s Act — a bill that will require health care providers make note in the patient’s medical record of the diagnosis and provide information regarding available assistance for families affected.

In my meeting with Congressman Murphy’s staff, it was confirmed that he has become a member of the Bipartisan Task Force for Alzheimer’s, supports the Breakthrough Act and is evaluating the HOPE for Alzheimer’s legislation. All of our representatives are to be applauded for their unanimous support and passage to law of the NAPA Act last year, which will press the Secretary of Health into an expeditious implementation of unified, coordinated effort by the government.

The Alzheimer’s Association (800-272-3900) is available for help 24/7 if you need guidance in dealing with any aspect of the disease. If you would be willing to join me in making a difference, please contact me at ejbtwo@charter.net.

Edward Bryan

89 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook                                      May 31, 2011

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